Decluttering and Organizing the Refrigerator: An Amazing Transformation

Decluttering and Organizing the Refrigerator: An Amazing Transformation

As part of my home decluttering project (OK, it was my 2016 New Year’s resolution, but who says it can’t continue in 2017?) I recently took my frig from chaos to calm. Decluttering and organizing the refrigerator resulted in an amazing transformation. Continue reading

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16 Helpful Tips for a Broken Leg, Broken Foot or Broken Ankle

16 Helpful Tips for a Broken Leg, Broken Foot or Broken AnkleIf you have a broken ankle, broken leg or broken foot, chances are it’s a new experience — and you can use some helpful tips to make life as easy as possible during your recovery. Continue reading

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Thrift Store Treasures #9 — Great Bargain Finds

Thrift Store Treasures #9

The pace of my thrift store shopping has slowed a little, but my excitement about thrift store treasures will never diminish! Continue reading

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Fitbit Charge 2 Review: Vastly Superior to Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge 2 Review: This model is vastly superior to Fitbit HRMy Fitbit Charge HR got waterlogged recently (don’t turn upside down in a kayak while wearing it) and quit working, so I had to buy a new fitness tracker. Another Charge HR wasn’t an option — since it’s being discontinued — so I chose a Fitbit Charge 2 to replace it. The following Fitbit Charge 2 review describes the new features and improvements that make it vastly superior to the Fitbit Charge HR. Continue reading

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Second Women’s Kayaking and Hiking Weekend in Brevard: Wonderful Except for the Near-Death Experience

Second Womens Hiking and Kayaking Weekend Wonderful Except for the Near Death Experience

Recently came back from a second women’s kayaking and hiking weekend in Brevard, North Carolina, and it was great — except for the near-death experience… Continue reading

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Beware of Thin-Soled Sandals: What to Do When You Get Blisters on the Balls of Your Feet

Beware of Thin-Soled Sandals_ What to Do When You Get Blisters on Balls of Feet

There are so many cute sandals! But before you buy the next pair, keep this in mind: sandals with ultra-thin soles can result in days of misery! Continue reading

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Amazon Echo Look: The Follow-Up to Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot

Amazon Echo Look_ The Follow-Up to Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot

If you own and use an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Dot like I do, you’re probably pretty impressed with the things Alexa can do. And now Amazon is introducing a follow-up product that sounds intriguing. Continue reading

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South American Souvenirs

South America Cruise souvenirs

South American souvenirs are different from things you’d pick up in the Caribbean islands or in Europe. Continue reading

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Weird Vacation Incidents on My South America Cruise

Weird Vacation Incidents on a South America Cruise

Whenever I travel with Merry Ellen, we have weird experiences (“adventures” as we like to call them). Continue reading

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South American Cruise: Ushuaia, Argentina — the End of the World

South American Cruise_Ushuaia, Argentina -- the End of the World

If you occasionally have a bad day and want to take off for the “end of the earth,” Ushuaia, Argentina, is the place for you. It’s the last city on the southernmost tip of the South American continent, followed only by water and the continent of Antarctica. Continue reading

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