Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising IdeasIf you have a work-related charity drive and want to sponsor activities to raise funds, improve morale and entertain employees, here are some ideas. We’re holding these events now where I work, and I (foolishly) volunteered to run most of them… Continue reading

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Winner in the “Name my New Car” Contest

Winner of Name My New Car ContestLast week, I offered a $10 Amazon gift card to the person who submitted the best name for my new silver car. Thanks to everyone who entered my first blog contest — you had some great ideas and it was a fun experience! Continue reading

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Swearing in Blog Posts Doesn’t Make you Look like a Rebel — It Makes You Look Trashy

Swearing in blog posts doesn't make you look like a rebel - it makes you look trashyBloggers, if you use swear words in public posts — especially the f-word, c-word, or g-d-word  —  or even “freakin'” — when we all know what you’re thinking — I beg you to reconsider. Someday, I think you’ll be sorry you chose to express yourself that way.

You may feel that taking advantage of your freedom to use any words you like makes you a rebel, a free spirit or a trend-setter, but I believe it brands you as a trashy person — even if you’re a kind person with high morals and a contender for Mother or Father of the Year.

Writing peppered with swear words offends some people and makes them cringe. Some readers will stop in their tracks, and won’t finish reading what you wrote. Is that what you want? Continue reading

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Thrift Store Treasures #2: Bare Traps Sandals — Love Them!

Thrift Store Treaures #2: Bare Traps Sandals -- Love Them!**This is not a sponsored blog post. I just love these shoes!**

Have wanted to buy a pair of Bare Traps shoes for years, but they were always more than I wanted to spend, even on sale.

They’re kind of funky looking — but cute — flats – with rounded toes. Just the kind of footwear I like!

I was lucky enough to find two pairs of Bare Traps sandals a few weeks ago, both my size, in a local thrift store. One pair was brown and the other one was navy (just the color sandals I’d been seeking to replace a pair that wore out; navy sandals are tough to find!) Continue reading

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Easy Pegboard Earring Holder

Easy pegboard earring holderIf your jewelry box is overflowing with earrings and you’d love to display them so it’s easy to pick out a pair every day, here’s a quick and inexpensive earring holder that costs less than $7.

Get a piece of pegboard and cut it to the size of the space on your wall (a closet wall is a good spot). Continue reading

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Enter the Contest to Name my New Car; Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

New silver 2014 Nissan Sentra

I always name my cars, and my new 2014 “bright silver” Nissan Sentra (pictured above and written about previously in the worst new car buying experience ever) needs a cute handle.

Please submit ideas!

I’ll announce the winner next week and email a $10 gift certificate to the person who suggests the best name in a comment on my blog by Mon., Sept. 29. Please spread the word to your friends and family and encourage them to enter the contest, too.

Looking forward to hearing your creative solutions — something fun I can call my car for the next 10 years!

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I Lost Everything in Hurricane Hugo 25 Years Ago – The Aftermath

Hurricane Hugo: I Lost Everything 25 Years Ago -- the Aftermath

Amazingly enough, many pieces of our Corelle dinnerware survived the hurricane.

I began the tale of Hurricane Hugo and how it destroyed all my family’s possessions yesterday. Here’s what happened after that.

Since we were only allowed a few hours on the island, we packed our trash bags — mine contained renter’s insurance info and other paperwork from the file cabinet (still intact but waterlogged) — and trudged back to the ferry in shock.

My son and I returned to my parents’ condo, and several weeks later, we rented a furnished house about an hour away from Sullivan’s Island, since all rental property surrounding Charleston was overflowing with displaced residents. Continue reading

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Hurricane Hugo: I Lost Everything 25 Years Ago – Part 1

Hurricane Hugo: I lost everything 25 years ago

On Sept. 21-22, 1989, Hurricane Hugo — a Category 4 storm with 135 mph sustained winds — devastated Charleston, S.C., and my family lost everything.

We lived a block from the beach in an inexpensive three-room apartment at ground level on Sullivan’s Island, after our  move from “up North” about four years earlier. When the hurricane was predicted to make landfall nearby and the call for evacuation occurred, my ex-husband J, my 18-month old son M and I evacuated to Columbia, S.C., along with J’s parents and sister, who had been visiting.

My ex was convinced the whole evacuation was unnecessary, so he chained his expensive Harley Davidson to a column in the house and we packed one of our two cars with a few suitcases and things we thought we’d need for an overnight trip away from home, not giving much thought to it. I was primarily concerned with bringing clothes and toys for the baby, filling the car with them. I brought only three pairs of shorts and three shirts for myself (it was still 90 degrees in late September). We left plenty of food and water for our two beloved cats — above floor level, although we really thought that was overkill — because we didn’t think we could take them to a hotel.

Right before we left, the landlord called and told us to “roll up a towel” and put it at the bottom of the door facing the ocean. Continue reading

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The Most Horrible Car Buying Experience Ever — Conclusion

Most Horrible Car Buying Experience - ConclusionAs detailed on yesterday’s blog post, I bought a new car recently and had the most horrible car buying experience ever.

When I brought the new car home, I parked it in the driveway thinking I might want to go somewhere that afternoon.

About 5:00, I drove it into the garage that I’ve parked in for the past 19 years.

The new car, however, was obviously much wider than the old car — and as I pulled it in for the first time,  the rear-view mirror on the driver’s side scraped the wooden garage door frame with a sickening sound. Then, the entire back of the mirror assembly popped off and flew out of sight! (This was less than five hours after I’d brought the brand new car home from the dealership.)

Most Horrible Car  Buying Experience Ever - ConclusionI couldn’t open the car door to see where the piece was because the car was half in and half out — with the mirror wedged against the wood. I was sure that I would run over the part and smash it to pieces, but really had no options.

Slowly backed the car out – amazingly enough – without running over the missing car part, but the wood on the garage door had a gouge in it and when I found the mirror back, it had white paint and scratches on it. Luckily, I popped it on and it seemed to be secure. (Was planning a trip five hours from home that weekend and figured I’d find out for sure if the part blew off on the interstate.)

It was the perfect ending to a horrible experience. Continue reading

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The Most Horrible Car Buying Experience Ever

The Most Horrible Car Buying Experience Ever

After driving Goldie (my previous car) for 11 years, it was time to get a newer model for long-distance travel — even though she still ran like a champ.

Many people enjoy — or at least look forward to — buying a new vehicle, but I had a truly unbelievable car-buying ordeal from start to finish.

I wanted a Nissan Sentra, because I’ve had three of them and they’re great, long-lasting cars that get good gas milesage and are reasonably priced. Owned one Sentra for 15 years and it was still going strong after 200,000 miles and a teen-aged son learning to drive on it.

Have also had all my service and repair work done at the dealer in North Charleston where I bought my last new car. The garage is located near my work, and for more than 20 years, the service staff has been friendly and courteous. They’re great about driving me to work when my car’s in the shop, picking me up after work and giving me a loaner car when mine will be in the shop overnight.

1)   A couple months ago when the car-buying experience began, I went to the dealership on a Saturday but they were so busy that nobody would wait on me — or even speak to me. There was a  huge crowd in the showroom and it was like they were giving cars away! So, ignored, I left — even though I had money in my pocket and wanted to buy a car that day.

2)   Called the dealership a few weeks later to make an appointment for after work with a salesman. Several days went by and I had to call a second time, because the salesperson I left a message with never returned my call. When I reached him again, the young man told me “he’d been too busy” to return my call. When did salesmen get too busy to sell a car? Continue reading

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