Weird News: Toys R Us Sold Breaking Bad Dolls with Bags of Meth

Breaking Bad Characters: Source USAToday

Source: USAToday

I rarely watch TV, but Breaking Bad was the best TV series I’ve ever seen in my life. The story about Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns into a meth dealer, had me spellbound. I especially enjoyed his love/hate relationship with his partner, Jesse Pinkman, and Walter’s transformation during the series.

Of course, I’m a mature (age-wise, at least) adult. Continue reading

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Things NOT to Sell at a Yard Sale

Things  NOT to Sell at a Yard SaleI’ve been to hundreds of yard sales over the years and have held more than 20 yard sales, too — and realize that there are just some things nobody wants to buy! Check the list below for things NOT to sell at a yard sale: Continue reading

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You Can Make Someone You Love The Best Gift Ever — at No Cost

You Can Make Someone You Love the Best Gift Ever -- at No CostFor my birthday last year, my son and his wife gave me a one-of-a-kind typed book, printed on pretty paper and tied with ribbon. It was titled “Things We Love about Diane.” Continue reading

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Quote to Remember

A qutoe to remember

“It is not good for all our wishes to be filled;

through sickness we recognize the value of health;

through evil, the value of good;

through hunger, the value of food;

through exertion, the value of rest.”

—Dorothy Canfield Fisher, American author and essayist (1879-1958)

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Things I’ve Learned This Week

Things I've Learned This Week1) That my new car’s side-view mirrors do fold in (if only I’d known that earlier…)

2) That a website called Nextdoor is a free and private social network for people living in specific neighborhoods. Locate your neighborhood, join at no cost and get emergency notifications, crime alerts, details for community events and services, notices about lost pet, and updates on activities affecting the local area. Sounds great – sign me up! (Now if only it could only locate Mr. Right within a couple of blocks…)

3) That it does pay to step outside your comfort zone and take action on “crazy ideas”  sometimes. I somehow ended up running the local part of my company’s annual charity campaign involving 2,000+ employees and am coordinating a lot of wacky fundraisers. The first three have been very successful and participants seem to really enjoy them. The most successful one so far involved a bunch of professional people tossing ping pong balls over the balcony to try to get them in a cup in a bucket in a kiddie pool on the floor below. It raised $140 (at $1 a toss). Got the idea because every time I walk on that balcony I get an overwhelming urge to throw something over it…

I bought a gross of ping pong balls for the event (only $9.01, including shipping, on EBay) and only had four left. That was the fundraising idea that people looked most skeptical about when I suggested it — and it turned out great! It brought out the kid in everyone — and it certainly was something different. In fact, two people told me today how much they liked it!

4) That the movie “Gone Girl” is good, but not as good as the book!

5) That Scotch brand makes duct-like tape with a chalk surface and with a whiteboard surface. Can’t wait to locate some and find ways to use them! Sounds like both have potential for labeling things, making lists on random items, and who knows what else…

6) That there are still honest people. I was trying to do way too many things one day and got home and realized, after searching everywhere, that I’d left my purse at Walmart — either in the store or in the cart in the  parking lot. I raced back — and my purse was intact in the manager’s office; a kind person had turned it in.

What have you learned this week?

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Thrift Store Treasures #3

Thrift Store Finds --October 2014Had some good luck at thrift stores the first two weekends of October! It’s nice to pick up a few fall things before going up to the attic and dragging out all my winter clothes.

The items I was found were: Continue reading

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The Lamest Newspaper Feature Ever

Worst newspaper feature everThe primary newspaper for the Charleston, South Carolina area publishes what seems to me to be the absolute dumbest weekly feature ever. Continue reading

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Paul Revere May be Gone, but the Music Lives On

Paul Revere may be gone, but his music lives onPaul Revere, leader of the good old ‘70s rock ’n’ roll band Paul Revere and the Raiders, died last weekend.

Wow. I remember the Raiders’ wacky Colonial outfits with the three-cornered hats, and their smiling faces. We used to groove along with them on the TV show “Where the Action Is.” Continue reading

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Super Thrifty — But These are the Things I’m Willing to Splurge On

Super Thrifty -- But These are the Things I'm Willing to Splurge OnEven the thriftiest person has some indulgence they’re willing to spend their hard-earned money on. It might be a small thing like Starbucks coffee, a special lipstick or a hobby item. Or something bigger.

I come from a frugal family — which is a good thing — and I pinch pennies and try to get the most bang out of every buck. Don’t mind being a careful shopper most of the time and buying many things used, but I’m willing to spring for a few big-ticket things that are important to me:

1) Helping my son financially. He’s working full-time on a Ph.D. and is crazy busy, but he’s a great kid who’s very smart and has a bright future — and it’s my pleasure to help when I can.

2) Traveling and vacations — like to take at least two nice vacations a year. Usually a cruise. Sometimes get a balcony cabin (big indulgence) and sometimes get an interior cabin, but the trips are always relaxing. A yearly weekend scrapbooking retreat and a couple of vacation days here and there in a Myrtle Beach oceanfront room are nice, too. Vacations make great memories (which you can’t put a price on) and they’re good for your mental health! Continue reading

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Internet Dating Scams

I love you....send me yuor money

Let me tell you about a common online dating scam. It happened to me and it could happen to you…

This really good-looking man wrote me and poured on the flattery. Endlessly. Seriously, it was just ridiculous.  (Red flag)

He said he was so taken with me that he “removed his profile” right then. (Red flag) Continue reading

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