Don’t Lose Your Fitbit! A Fabulous Fitbit Accessory to Keep the Clasp from Opening

Don't lose your fitbit! A fabulous Fitbit accessory to keep the clasp from opening

If you love your Fitbit – like I do — but worry about it coming unhooked and falling off your wrist, fret no more.

A fabulous Fitbit accessory to keep the clasp from opening and the device from falling off is available.

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Thank a Teacher Who Changed Your Life; You’ll Never Regret It

Thank a Teacher: You'll Never Regret It

We’ve all had at least one teacher that made a major difference in our lives.

The most wonderful teacher I ever had was my junior high English teacher, Mrs. Alberti. Continue reading

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Highs and Lows of February

February Highs and Lows

Wow – this time of year is a killer, isn’t it? Spring can’t come soon enough! Continue reading

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Two Tough Situations that Everyone Should Experience to Develop Compassion and Build Empathy

Two Situations that Everyone Should Experience to Develop Compassion and Build Empathy

Stuff happens.

It’s a fact of life.

But some “bad” things that happen to us make us better — and help us develop compassion and build empathy.

The two big learning experiences that I think everyone should have, if only for a short time, are to: Continue reading

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Excited to Go to BlogHer 2015 Conference in NYC

Excited to go to BlogHer 2015 Conference in NYC

Just made reservations for my first bloggers conference — the big one.

Yep, it’s the BlogHer 2015 conference in New York City — held at the Midtown Manhattan Hilton.

This is going to be a real adventure– just me and 5,000 other women who also love to blog! Continue reading

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Valuable Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

Valuable Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

I’m blessed to have wonderful parents who are sharp, active and involved in life.  As octogenarians (and all the years before that), they’ve been truly inspirational!

The lessons my parents taught me through words and actions were right on the mark — and I’ve tried to pass their wisdom along to my son, too.

Their advice: Continue reading

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Sports and Hobbies: How Many Can You Squeeze into a Lifetime? 79 So Far…

Sports and Hobbies -- How Many Can You Squeeze into a Lifetime?

Recently wrote a blog post about the many crafts I’ve done through the years and realized I’ve also gone through an extreme number of non-craft hobby “phases,” too.

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Craft Mania: How Many Crafts Can You Do in a Lifetime? 30 So Far…

Craft Mania -- How Many Crafts Can You Do in a Lifetime?

A lot of women find joy in do-it-yourself crafts… and I’m one of them.

So many crafts, so little time! Continue reading

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Exotic Chair Dancing: Not Your Grandma’s Exercise Routine

Exotic Chair Dancing_ Not Your Grandma's Exercise Routine

You’ll have to use your imagination for this blog post!

I took my first chair dancing class at Inversions, a local pole fitness studio, tonight.

And am almost at a loss for words to describe it.

Let’s just say it’s not grandma sitting on a straight-backed chair watching a nice lady on TV and extending her arms up  and down to get in a little activity.

This was exotic chair dancing. Continue reading

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The Sisterhood of Thrift Store Shoppers

Sisterhood of Thrift Store Shoppers

Nearly every Friday after work I swing by the best thrift store in town before going home. It’s only about two miles away.

Tonight’s trip was really fun; everyone in the store wanted to chat. Continue reading

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