John Mellencamp Live

John Mellencamp live

Tonight was one of the best nights in recent memory: got to see John Mellencamp (formerly John Cougar Mellencamp) — one of my all-time favorite singers — live in concert. My friend from work had free tickets — and our seats were center stage, about 20 rows back.

What a show he put on! (He’s still got it!) Continue reading

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Sinus Surgery: What to Expect

Sinus surgery: what to expect

Never even knew what sinus problems were when I lived up North, but after moving to beautiful South Carolina, chronic sinus infections have plagued me for more than 20 years. (Yikes!!!)

Got tested for allergies about a year and a half ago and found out I was allergic to just about everything (including dogs, cats and cockroaches!) Started getting weekly allergy shots that helped to reduce everyday sinus-type headaches, but the infections got more and more frequent.

After suffering seven sinus infections last year, five the year before, and one looonnnggg infection from early December through early March this year — my doctors and I decided it was time to take further action. (“Please do something to make my face stop hurting! Anything!”)

So…I had sinus surgery. Continue reading

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Celebrating Spring in South Carolina with Green Snow

Celebrating Spring in South Carolina with Green Snow

March 21 is the first official day of spring — and while Northerners are still getting the white stuff, we’re celebrating spring in the South with — green snow! Continue reading

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Entertaining News Briefs that Don’t Involve Murder or Mayhem (March 8 – 18, 2015)

Entertaining News Briefs March 8-18, 2015

Not all the news is bad! Here are some interesting and entertaining news briefs from the first half of March.

  • Cartoonist Matt Groening, founder of The Simpsons, named some of the characters after members of his own family — including Homer and Marge, who were his parents. (NY Times News Service)
  • South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has never sent an email. (I live in S.C., and that scares me! And Graham wants to run for U.S. president. Guess he figures he won’t have Hillary Clinton-type problems…) (Charleston Post and Courier)
  • Continue reading

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Online Dating Horror Story #5: First Date with a Doctor and His Son at a Swimming Pool

Online Dating Horror Story #5: First Date with a Doctor and his Son at a Swimming Pool

Years ago, I corresponded with a local doctor I met online. That sounds promising, right?

To check him out before meeting, I asked a friend who worked at the medical university where the doc graduated to see if she could find out anything about him. Everyone in my office crowded around the fax machine as it cranked out background info.

We cracked up as the first sheet rolled out and we saw she’d written in huge letters, “Hunk-a-hunk of burnin’ love!” Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons to Love Teleworking

Top 10 Reasons to Love TeleworkingI’m able to telework on my job and haven’t done it much to this point since I was afraid of missing something exciting in the workplace.  Once I started working a day a week at home, though, I couldn’t get enough!

You can log in to the work network, access your files, read and answer emails, and perform work just like you were sitting at your desk. It’s amazing.

Here are the top 10 reasons to love teleworking: Continue reading

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Get Through Crises Without Going Crazy: Meet with Your Own Personal Board of Directors

Get Through Crises Without Going Crazy: Meet with Your Own Personal Board of DirectorsIn the business world, organizations are required to have an official board of directors to provide direction and direct business strategy.

And individuals can create an informal board of directors to get advice and feedback on challenging life situations, too! Continue reading

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Playing with Dolls at Work: A Wacky Workplace Morale Booster

Playing with Dolls at Work: A Wacky Workplace Morale Booster

Mickey Mouse doll

Mickey Mouse doll

For about eight years, I worked in one big room with the most wonderful group of people ever. It was like one big family — and a real blessing after ten years of bad jobs.

We all worked hard, so we decided to liven up the workplace. Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Your Fitbit! A Fabulous Fitbit Accessory to Keep the Clasp from Opening

Don't lose your fitbit! A fabulous Fitbit accessory to keep the clasp from opening

If you love your Fitbit – like I do — but worry about it coming unhooked and falling off your wrist, fret no more.

A fabulous Fitbit accessory to keep the clasp from opening and the device from falling off is available.

*This post contains an affiliate link to, which means that if you click on the product link and buy a product, I will receive compensation. Thoughts, Tips and Tales is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. *

Continue reading

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Thank a Teacher Who Changed Your Life; You’ll Never Regret It

Thank a Teacher: You'll Never Regret It

We’ve all had at least one teacher that made a major difference in our lives.

The most wonderful teacher I ever had was my junior high English teacher, Mrs. Alberti. Continue reading

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