A Great Way to Make Safe Craigslist Sales Transactions

A Great Way to Make Safe Craigslist Sales Transactions

Did you ever want to buy or sell something on Craigslist or through websites such as Ebay or Facebook swap pages, but were concerned about safety while making the transaction?

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Check Out New Amazon Prints — Prime Members Get 50 Free Prints AND Free Shipping

Amazon Prints
If you have Amazon Prime and love it as much as I do, check out this offer: 50 free photo prints, with free shipping! That’s right — a genuine freebie. Continue reading

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TT&T Friday Favorites – Sept. 16


I pilfered this idea, and admit it…

One of my favorite bloggers (Jillee from One Good  Thing by Jillee) writes an occasional post very similar to this, and I thought it’d be a fun way to discuss memorable things I come across during the week that don’t merit an individual blog post.  Continue reading

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Protect Yourself from Online Dating Scammers By Using Google Image Search

protect yourself from online dating scammers using Google image search

Online dating for women over 50 is, unfortunately, a mine field because scam artists abound. Continue reading

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Is Your Glass Half Full — of Iced Coffee?

Is your Glass half full of iced coffee

A man named Alexander Forouzesh recently brought a lawsuit against Starbucks because the baristas there filled his iced coffee cup half full of ice, essentially giving him only half a cup of cold coffee. Continue reading

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Highs and Lows of July and August 2016

Highs & Lows of July and August 2016

It’s been a few months since I published the highs and lows of life, so here’s a catcher-upper. Continue reading

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Embarrassing Mistakes: #6 in a Series

Embarrassing Mistakes: #6 in a Series

Every time I write a blog post about embarrassing mistakes I’ve made, I think I’ve captured them all.

But no, somehow there are always more…  Continue reading

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Stand-Up Computer Desks: Great Way to Get Healthier While Using the Computer

Stand Up Computer Desks Great Way to Get Healthier While Using the Computer

Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking.

Doctors and scientists are encouraging people to get out of their chairs and be more active during the day, even if they work in an office environment.

That’s a great reason to look into using a stand-up computer desk.

I’ve been using them at home and at work for four years, and love the flexibility they offer. Continue reading

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Attention Walmart Shoppers — Watch Out for Crashing Car Doors

Attention Walmart Shoppers -- Watch out for Crashing Car Doors

A lot of jokes have been made about offensive customers in Walmart stores; numerous videos and websites are devoted to the subject.

But nobody talks about things that go on in the parking lot.

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James Patterson Bookshots: What’s Up with the New Mini Books?

James Patterson Bookshots: What's Up with the New Mini Books

Did you know James Patterson holds the Guinness World Record for the most #1 New York Times bestsellers?

If you’re a diehard James Patterson fan,  like I am,  you may be interested in — and surprised by — the format of his most recent books. Continue reading

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