Walking Clubs: Great Way to Exercise, Enjoy the Outdoors, Meet New People

Walking Clubs_ Great Way to Exercise,

One of my favorite activities is enjoying a vigorous walk with the local walking club. Continue reading

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Thrift Store Treasures #5

Thrift Store Treasures #5

Spent $7 recently to score the following thrift store treasures:  5 large plastic flowerpots in bright jewel tones (purple, red, yellow and green) Continue reading

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Entertaining News Briefs that Don’t Involve Murder or Mayhem (March 19-April 19, 2015)

Entertaining News Briefs that Don't Involve Murder or Mayhew March 19 - April 19, 2015

More interesting and entertaining non-violent news briefs!

1) A movement’s in motion to remove Andrew Jackson’s photo from the $20 bill and replace his face with a woman’s! The “Women on 20s” website displays biographies of 15 high-achieving women and invites visitors to vote for a female face to put in Jackson’s place. Continue reading

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Save Money by Doing Your Own Pest Control

Save Money by doing your own pest control For many years, I paid an exterminator $75 a quarter to come to my house and spray outside it — and inside the garage — to prevent unwanted bugs, especially cockroaches (an ick factor when living in the South). Continue reading

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The Alchemist: A Book Review


The Alchemist: A Book ReviewMy book club picked The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho for this month’s discussion because several people had seen articles saying that it was a book everyone should read.

I’d never heard of it before — and neither did most of the other members. Continue reading

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Mothers: Please Get Off the Phone and Talk to Your Children

Mothers: Please Get Off the Phone and Talk to your Children

It breaks my heart to see women chatting, texting and surfing the web on their phones in the grocery store, restaurants and other places while their children appear to be ignored.

Boston University School of Medicine researchers found in a recent study that a mother’s use of mobile devices during meals and daily life can have negative effects on children.

Continue reading

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Cars that Crack Me Up

Cars that Crack Me Up

Ever see vehicles that make you laugh? These are some of my favorites.

I know Smart cars are supposed to be energy efficient, but they just look silly to me. I always expect the door to open and a bunch of clowns to tumble out, like in the old circus acts! Continue reading

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Attend Church and get Free Admission to Historic Sites

Attend Church and Get Free Admission to Historic  Sites

I hope nobody thinks this is sacrilegious, but there’s an occasional way to attend church and save money on admission to local tourist attractions at the same time if you live in Charleston, S.C.  The same type thing may apply to sites in your area, too. Continue reading

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Online Dating Horror Story #6: A Walk on the Beach Goes Terribly Wrong

Online Dating Horror Story #6: A Walk on beach goes terribly wrong

A drink at a beach bar and a moonlit walk on the beach. Sounds like an ideal first date, doesn’t it?

Met a guy from my town online years ago — and we met for a first date at a well-known bar near the local beach. We sat and had one drink, then he suggested going for a walk on the beach. Continue reading

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An Easter Aha Moment


Loved the lines from a prayer I heard for the first time on Easter Sunday. Continue reading

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