Victory Log: List Today’s Accomplishments & Feel Good About Them

Victory Log – List Today’s Accomplishments, Gain Satisfaction

Did you ever have a day when you thought “I didn’t get anything done today!”?

Taking two minutes to do the following activity will change your mind every time!

A terrific way to end your day is to take two or three minutes right before going to sleep to list in a notebook all the things you’ve accomplished that day, including good choices (ate two servings of fruit), exercise done (walked 10,000 steps), good deeds and small acts of kindness (wrote a letter to grandma).

Even though you may have an enormous “to do” list tacked to the front of the refrigerator, taking a moment to think about your day and making this “victory log” causes you to stop and appreciate the day’s achievements (even if they aren’t on that master list!)

It’s a quick and easy way to feel good about what you really did and generate a feeling of satisfaction before falling asleep.

After you’ve been using the victory log for several months and flip back through the notebook, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll think, with pleasure,”Wow! I get a lot of things done.”

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