How to Add a Low-Cost Reading Rack to a Treadmill to Make Walking More Fun

How to Add a Low-Cost Reading Rack to a Treadmill to Make Walking More Fun

I routinely walk on a treadmill at least twice a week – both at home and in the gym, and as an avid multi-tasker, I always read while walking.

It’s great, because if you’re reading a good book the time goes by very quickly! (I know some people can’t do this because it makes them “car sick” and I feel for you…)

When I bought a treadmill for my house, it came with a reading rack that seemed fine at the store. However, once it was delivered, I realized the treadmill’s rack was too far back (or I was too short) and it just wasn’t going to work.

I did some Internet research about various types of reading racks to attach to the treadmill, with the intention of buying one — but couldn’t find anything suitable.

Finally, I rigged up my own rack and it makes reading while walking a breeze.

Make an inexpensive reading rack by adhering a plate holder to the front of a treadmill with duck tapeTo add a reading rack to a treadmill, all you need is a stand-up plate holder with an edge to keep the plate from falling off (fairly easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores, as well as dollar stores), and some duck tape. (All kinds of cool tape designs are available now at craft stores and hardware stores – so you can pick one that’s whimsical or matches your decor.)

Tape the plate holder securely to the front of the treadmill so books are held upright in a comfortable reading position – and, voila! You have a low-cost reading rack that’s secure and works like a charm.

If the book doesn’t stay open and flat, clasp the tops of the pages on the left and right side with a clothespin or large clip.

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