Mixed Results on 2016 Life Goals

Mixed Results on 2016 Life Goals

Think I did somewhat better on my 2016 life goals (resolutions) than the ones from the year before… Continue reading

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2017 Life Goals

2017 new years resolutions

A new year and a fresh start! Here are my 2017 life goals (New Year’s resolutions): Continue reading

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10 Best Life Hacks of 2016

10 Best Life Hacks of 2016

Everyone loves to discover tricks and tips that make life easier. Here are the 10 best life hacks of 2016:

Continue reading

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What Clothes are Totally “You”? Here’s My Current Fave

What Clothes are totally you
In the latest issue of “O” magazine, the editors asked readers to write and describe the clothing item that’s totally “you” — which got me thinking, because it’s an intriguing question…

I’ve always loved clothes, and have had a lot of favorites during different phases of my life, but here’s what immediately popped into mind as my current favorite, totally “me” piece of clothing. Continue reading

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Hotel Antics: Cringe-Worthy Travel Trouble

Hotel Antics: Cringe-Worthy Travel Trouble
In magazines and on TV, people take trips and relax in peace and quiet in their well-appointed, spacious hotel rooms with all the comforts imaginable. They come and go, full of smiles, on interesting outings and loving visits to family members.

Unfortunately, some of my hotel experiences have been the polar opposite. Continue reading

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Two Great Holiday Bargains Thru Nov. 28, 2016 — from Amazon and Target

Two Great 2016 Holiday Bargains from Amazon and Target

Nothing better than getting holiday bargains! Here are a couple great ones.

1) Most Target purchases are 15% off Sun., Nov. 27 and Mon., Nov. 28,2016,  including some grocery items. I shopped there Sunday evening and saved $10! The discount applies in stores and online at target.com, too.

Plus, Target offers free shipping (no minimum purchase) and returns through the 2016 holidays.

2) *This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.com, which means that if you click on a product link and buy a product, I may receive some compensation — at no extra cost to you. Thoughts, Tips and Tales is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. *

Amazon has a great deal for book lovers that’s supposed to last through Nov. 28, 2016 — $10 off any $25 Book Purchase. I ordered $26 of books (the next two we’ll be reading for my book club) Sunday evening, Nov. 27 and saved $10 them. Gotta love that!

To get this deal, just add $25 worth of any physical books to your Amazon cart and use coupon code HOLIDAYBOOK at checkout. (This coupon excludes eBooks and Audiobooks, Book Rentals, and Amazon Gift Cards.)

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Behind the Scenes: Life of a Corporate Blogger

Behind the Scenes: Life of Corporate Blogger

I’m definitely into blogging, which is a good thing because I’m a writer who works in public relations and manages the communications blog for a large, international company during the day (a corporate blogger) – and am also a lifestyle blogger during non-work hours. Continue reading

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The First Thing to Replace After Divorce, Separation or Breakup

First Thing to Replace after Divorce, Separation or Breakup

The days and weeks after a divorce, separation or breakup with a long-time lover can be filled with sadness. Continue reading

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What’s Up with the Pinterest Poop Pictures? Cut it Out!

What's up with the Pinterest poop pictures? Cut it out!

In my opinion, one of the simple pleasures in life is taking some time to relax and scroll through the Pinterest website to enjoy great photography and read entertaining articles. Continue reading

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Decluttering the Freezer and Organizing with Storage Bins

Decluttering the Freezer and Organizing with Storage Bins

My freezer was a jumbled mess! And it was the only part of my kitchen I hadn’t decluttered as part of my 2016 decluttering project. Continue reading

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