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Embarrassing Mistakes — #5 in What Seems to be a Series

Two extremely dumb things happened to me this month.

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Online Dating Horror Story #7: You Live WHERE?

A number of years ago, I started writing to a man from an online dating site. He seemed nice and we arranged to meet. During the few “getting-to-know-you” emails that we exchanged before that, I asked what part of town … Continue reading

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Online Dating Horror Story #6: A Walk on the Beach Goes Terribly Wrong

A drink at a beach bar and a moonlit walk on the beach. Sounds like an ideal first date, doesn’t it? Met a guy from my town online years ago — and we met for a first date at a … Continue reading

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Memories of Holiday Mishaps

Merry mayhem! Seems like every Christmas, there’s a little snafu … and usually you can laugh about it later.  Here are a few of my holiday adventures. 1) Years ago, a cylindrical, glass deodorant container rolled off a nearby shelf … Continue reading

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Internet Dating Scams

Let me tell you about a common online dating scam. It happened to me and it could happen to you… This really good-looking man wrote me and poured on the flattery. Endlessly. Seriously, it was just ridiculous.  (Red flag) He … Continue reading

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Dumb Mistakes — Part 2

My previous blog post — Unforgettable for All the Wrong Reasons — described some of my most glaring mistakes — away from work. However, upon further reflection, I realize I’ve made some blunders in the proximity of work, too. 1) … Continue reading

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Guest Posts/Featured

Places my blog was featured: Association for Long Term Care Planning website March 21, 2018: Family Caregiving — Coping with Emotional and Financial Toll (I’m the “Diane” mentioned  in the Build Up Your Self-Esteem section. It links to my blog … Continue reading


Unforgettable for All the Wrong Reasons – #1 in a Series of Embarrassing Mistakes

Everybody “makes mistakes” occasionally. (When my son was small and did something wrong, he’d say “Oopsie…” in his cute little boy voice.) Six of my dumbest moves are listed below. (Some things happened many years ago, but I still shake … Continue reading

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All Blog Posts to Date

Fitbit Charge 2 Review: Vastly Superior to Fitbit Charge HR Second Women’s Kayaking and Hiking Weekend in Brevard: Wonderful Except for the Near-Death Experience Beware of Thin-Soled Sandals: What to Do When You Get Blisters on the Balls of Your … Continue reading

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NOT a Happy Camper

During my freshman year of college at a small, very conservative college in Pennsylvania, I went out a few times with J. I wasn’t physically attracted to him at all and was actually kind of repelled – but I didn’t … Continue reading

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