Things That Drive Me Crazy

Everybody has pet peeves, and I’m no exception. Here are a few of the things that drive me crazy:

1) Fast food workers who don’t say “thank you”

2) Fast food workers who don’t speak at all. (And on the other hand, overly chatty servers aren’t that great, either.)

BenBois from

BenBois from

3) Drivers who don’t give a “thank you wave” when you let them get in front of you in traffic (did you see that old Seinfeld episode about that?)

4) Grocery store baggers who put lots of heavy items in a flimsy single plastic bag (and the bag often breaks)

5) Incorrect grammar (written or spoken)

6) People who don’t send thank you notes when you send them a wedding gift

7) People who text or talk on the phone while driving

8) People who don’t return grocery carts from the parking lot (and you just know they’re going to blow over and scratch your car)

9) When you call customer service and the rep’s native language is not English – and you can’t understand what they’re saying

10) Having to sit next to a large person on an airplane flight and half of their body is in your space, forcing you to sit thigh-to-thigh and arm-to-arm

11) nicubunu_Open_mouthPeople who don’t cover their mouths when they yawn (nice tonsils)

12) People who snort instead of getting a tissue and blowing their nose (that’s so gross)

What things irk you?



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