Things NOT to Sell at a Yard Sale

Things  NOT to Sell at a Yard SaleI’ve been to hundreds of yard sales over the years and have held more than 20 yard sales, too — and realize that there are just some things nobody wants to buy! Check the list below for things NOT to sell at a yard sale:

1) Used underpants. Ick. Saw a bunch of women’s undies once at someone’s sale and the comment my garage sale friend made (which I can’t repeat here) is burned into my brain. (I have seen bras sell, though.)

2) Used sex toys. Yes, I saw one once…and it made me took a good long look at the seller.

3) Used lingerie. You see a lot of this — and the idea of buying it is just gross.

4) Although regular clothes do sell, they’re usually not the hot items you’d think they’d be. And it’s particularly insulting when you’re the seller and nobody wants to buy your favorite outfits!

My all-time worst “garage sale insult” was when a little old lady, accompanied by her grandson, took a look at all my treasures for sale and announced right in front of me in a loud voice, “This is all just a bunch of junk!” In the future, my friend and I would just look at each other at a bad yard sale, raise an eyebrow and murmur, “BOJ!”

6) Partially used make-up, hair products and other personal hygiene items. One word. Cooties.

7) Things that are priced WAY above the normal ten to thirty cents on the dollar, based on their retail value. The idea is for buyers to get a bargain, sellers to get rid of unwanted things — and for everybody to be happy. There’s a certain karma in it.

You also don’t want potential buyers to walk away empty-handed, rolling their eyes and saying to each other, “Boy, this must’ve been their first yard sale!” And meanwhile, you have to donate everything to Goodwill, where the same people can buy it later at a more reasonable price.

What things do you believe don’t work well at yard sales?

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