90th Birthday Party Gift and Decoration Ideas

90th birthday party gift and decoration ideas

What a blessing to celebrate a 90th birthday!

When a friend or relative reaches the big 9 – 0, here are some party and gift ideas for the special day:


1)90_decoration_blur Cut out a 9 and a zero on a light piece of cardboard. Find various photos of events during the birthday person’s life, scan them, and print them in black and white so they all have the same look. Tape them together on the shape of the numbers — and use it for a centerpiece. (These photos have been purposely blurred for privacy reasons.)

It’s fun for the person being honored to review the photos and reminisce and for his or her friends to see that person at various stages of life. And it’s definitely a conversation starter!

2) You can also find all types of centerpieces, balloons, plates and napkins with 90 on them at party stores (or online). Plan ahead, though, because the dollar store and Walmart don’t stock them!


3) Depending on the person’s sense of humor, you can find some great quotes online about being 90 years old. If you find some you think everyone will get a kick out of, print them on pieces of thick cardstock, fold them in half, and position them around the party room for guests to read and chuckle about.

Some ideas are:

  • Does this hat make me look 90? (with a picture of a 90-year old wearing a baseball or other cap)
  • World’s Most Awesome 90 Year Old
  • 90 Years Old and No Prison Time
  • 90?! I Demand a Recount!
  • 1925 Classic
  • 90 – but only 32 in Celsius
  • I may be 90 but I have the stamina of an 80 year old!
  • It’s all fun and games til someone turns 90!
  • (Draw Roman numerals for 90 (18 sets of 5))

Gift ideas:

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1)   Five-year sentence-a-day diary. This is a positive, optimist gift — and wouldn’t it be fun to read what a 90-something writes every day?

2)    Golf ball pickup. This gizmo hooks on the end of a putter and allows the user to practice his or her putt, then pick up the ball without having to bend over.

3)   Amazon Echo digital household assistant, music player, list-maker, and question-answerer. This is an amazing device that can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family! The user doesn’t have to know how to use a smartphone, computer or the Internet, yet can get the same information contained there by simply asking.

4)   T-shirt with the year of the person’s birth  or a customized saying that’s close to his or her heart. An example might be: Made in 1925, All Original Parts. (A long-sleeved t-shirt is a good idea for folks who get cold easily.)

90th birthday gift and decoration ideasBe sure to take a lot of photos at the event and have a great time!

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  14. Sometimes it is hard for me to come up with new ideas for each party every year. These are wonderful tips. Main thing is everyone just has fun.

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