Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising Ideas


Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising IdeasIf you have a work-related charity drive and want to sponsor activities to raise funds, improve morale and entertain employees, here are some ideas. We’ve held these events where I work, and I volunteered to run most of them. They were all fun!

  1. **NEW – BONUS** Super-Fun Eclipse Fundraiser; see details
  2. **NEW** Compliment Event. Give people genuine compliments  for $1, or have compliments delivered to co-workers/students/teachers for $2. Everyone loves this event! See Super Fun Fundraising Compliment Event.
  3.  Paper Airplane Contest – for accuracy. Make and fly paper planes from the second story of a building to try to land them on the company’s logo on a big drawing of an object below (we used an aircraft carrier). All planes must be constructed from standard 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper, with no added parts. $1 per plane entry fee.
  4. Ping Pong Ball Toss. Write names on ping pong balls (buy one for $1) and toss them over the edge of a 2nd floor balcony into a kiddie pool filled with water– with a bucket inside it — with a cup inside the bucket — to try to land the ball in the cup. (You can buy a gross of ping pong balls for this on Ebay for $9.01 including shipping.)
  5. Golf Chipping Contest. Chip golf balls from a grass-like mat into a bucket weighted with water. See who can get the most “holes in one” in ten chips.
  6. Paper Plane Distance Contest. See who can throw their plane the furthest from the starting point.
  7. Golf Putting Contest. Set up a putting green, give person a supply of golf balls and see how many balls they can putt into the cup in one minute.
  8. Football Toss. Pass footballs into the middle of a tire for  30 seconds to determine who gets the most through.
  9. Basketball Free Throw Contest. See how many hoops contestants can make from the free throw line. Provide them with a hodgepodge of basketballs, rubber balls, volley balls…all kinds of balls.
  10. Corn Hole Contest. Hold a team tournament.
  11. Ping Pong Open Play. Charge $5 a table for half an hour of open play over a period of a month or so, on one or more tables.
  12. Ping Pong Tournament. Hold a tournament after several weeks of open play, which lets participants hone their skills and get interested in competing.
  13. Pet Contest. Submit photos of your pet or a friend or family member’s pet. Employees vote for cutest pet, funniest pet and best-dressed pet. Label the pets by only their names (Fluffy, Fido, etc.) and display the photos; after the voting, reveal which humans belong to each pet.
  14. Used Book Sale. Ask employees to donate unneeded adult books, children’s books, magazines less than three years old, CDs and DVDs for resale. Price the books at $1 for soft covers and $2 for hardbacks.
  15. Theme Baskets. Ask each department or group to assemble a basket with a theme — for example, movie night or chocolate goodies. Photograph the baskets, list the contents and publicize them. Then sell coupons for $1 and have employees write their names on them and deposit them in a jar next to the baskets they like best. Pick a winning coupon for each basket.
  16. Dunk Tank. Rent a dunk tank and ask senior leaders to take a half hour turn being dunked. Employees pay to try to dunk them by throwing a baseball at a target.
  17. **NEW** Donald Trump Impersonator Contest. See Super Fun Fundraising Idea Inspired by “The Donald”

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22 Responses to Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

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  12. Roberta says:

    Great tips I am sharing this on Pinterest.

  13. Justine Ivvy says:

    What do you think fundraising event that will suit to college and senior students?

    • blogqueendiane says:

      I think all of them would work, since I’ve done them all with adults. But maybe the pet contest wouldn’t be so good if college students didn’t have pets, and the used book sale might not apply (since kids do most things digitally now). Good luck!

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  20. Sam Gibson says:

    I appreciate your tip about doing a compliment fundraiser where you can pay for compliments and have them delivered to people like students, co-workers, and teachers. My daughter’s school is trying to raise money for a new soccer field with lights so they can play night games. The school is looking for help with ideas of fundraising on a larger scale.

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