Do Something New Every Day in January: The Challenge

Do Something New Every Day in January: The Challenge

To make January more fun this year, instead of making resolutions I spontaneously challenged myself to do something new every day — and it was much harder than I thought it’d be!  The COVID cases are very high here now  and that limits a lot of group/inside activities.

But I didn’t want to do anything too easy – like reading a new book, because I read all the time… it had to be a more unique activity.

You’ll notice a lot of my new activities involved setting up electronic items I’d gotten around Christmas; love to buy them but hate to set them up…

Here’s what the month of January ended up looking like:

Jan. 1 – Buy and use self-wicking plant containers (they really work! and all house plants were alive at the end of the month!)

planters with wicks in them

Jan. 2 – Hike in a new county park

Jan. 3 – Set up and use the new Echo Show I got for Christmas (it’s great! watch for details in a future blog post)

Echo Show

Jan. 4 – Wear neon rubber bands in my braces (the lime ones looked like broccoli stuck in your teeth, so the hot pink and orange ones were better)

Jan. 5 – Got my first sinus infection for the year (something new didn’t necessarily have to be fun 🙂 )

Jan. 6 – Buy and use a dashboard code reader for the car to diagnose and erase pesky dashboard error messages without going to the dealer

car code reader

Jan. 7 – Buy and use a countdown clock to a special event (only 359 days to go!)

retirement countdown clock

Jan. 8 – Set up new wireless earbuds

Jan. 9 – Set up and use a new Fitbit Charge 4

Jan. 10 – Set up and use a smart light bulb (lots of fun! can turn the living room light on and off with my phone or by asking Alexa now!)

smart bulb

Jan. 11 – Try Chick-Fil-A’s new tortilla chicken noodle soup (yummy)

tortilla chicken soup

Jan. 12 – Find a new menu item I’ll never try (kale crunch)

Jan. 13 – Use pumice stone to clean a toilet ring (that was a bust! no noticeable difference afterwards…)

pumice to clean toilet

Jan. 14 – Tour a skilled nursing facility for my mom (lovely – looked like an elegant hotel with a wonderful view of downtown Charleston from the windows)

skilled nursing room

Jan. 15 – Install another Christmas gift – a new car purse/package holder – behind the front seat

Car purse holder

Jan. 16 – Use a new page-a-day calendar (this was a gift from a friend (I think!)) – The Daily Bitch

Jan. 17 – Set up a new smartphone mount on the vent in my car

Jan. 18 – Try out new “whiteboard” post it pads that adhere to surfaces

whiteboard stickies

Jan. 19 – Toured another skilled nursing facility for my mom (this was not so lovely)

Jan. 20 – Set up a bonsai tree (a Christmas friend from a friend who knows I’m fascinated by them)

bonsai kit

Jan. 21 – Try out new dance exercise videos on YouTube by Never Stop Dancing — just love them!!

Jan. 22 – Learn how to remove chunks of ice from the outdoor HVAC unit (yes, I live in South Carolina but we had an ice storm and the repairman had to come and ice inside the unit was causing a very loud banging sound)

Jan. 23 – Try a COVID self-test (negative)

Jan. 24 – Wear a new fleece leopard pullover (OK – I looked a little like a fluffy, chunky leopard but it was so warm and cozy!)

Jan. 25 – Have floor tiles for my three linoleum-floored bathrooms installed (finally got rid of that old linoleum!)

new tile bathroom

Jan. 26 – Take my usual afternoon walk in reverse order

Jan. 27 – Play Rummikub game (it was fun!)

Jan. 28 – Play Wordle online for the first time (it was hard!)

Jan. 29 – Sleep overnight on the floor at my mom’s on her love seat cushions to keep an eye on her when the caretaker couldn’t come (another “not fun” first…)

Jan. 30 – Post a blog post (it’s been a year since the last one!)

169 Fun Things to Do: Accomplished

Jan. 31 – Think of potential ideas in advance to do this challenge again in a few months! (should’ve thought ahead this time…)

The do something new every day in January challenge worked – and the month seemed to fly by and be more interesting, too! Try it yourself and let me know what you did and how it worked out. 🙂

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  1. Carolann says:

    I really liked the Chick-Fil-A’s new tortilla chicken noodle soup too. Delish. You have some great ideas here.
    Carolann recently posted…Building An Entrepreneurial Lifestyle – What You Need To KnowMy Profile

  2. says:

    Thanks for another great post.

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