169 Fun Things to Do Accomplished: My Completed Bucket List

169 Fun Things to Do Accomplished

Starting a new year (after two pretty uneventful years during the pandemic) got me thinking about the many fun things to do that I’ve experienced so far in life – my completed bucket list.  I’m working on a fun things to do list for next year now, too, and a rest-of-life bucket list!

You might want to try some of the ideas below, if you haven’t done them yet. Click the links to see a full blog post about some of them, too.

  1. Ride on the Maid of the Mist under Niagara Falls
  2. Swim with stingrays
  3. See a legendary musician
  4. Get featured in media for something you’re proud of
  5. Do dragon boating
  6. Snorkle
  7. Snuba (mixture of scuba diving and snorkeling)
  8. Milk a goat
  9. Ride on a zip line
  10. Do an adult trampoline class
  11. Stomp grapes
  12. Go on a bicycle tour weekend in another state
  13. Win a contest
  14. Go to a wave pool
  15. Date a much younger man
  16. See a glacier
  17. Start a business
  18. Smash a pie in someone’s face
  19. Act in a play
  20. Go waterskiing
  21. Go on a road trip with a friend
  22. Shop at an Amazon outlet store (Bargain Binz, etc.)
  23. Experience acupuncture
  24. Ride a bike on the beach
  25. Protest something
  26. Stand in the Sistine Chapel
  27. Follow through on a big idea
  28. Start a mother’s group
  29. Sew your own clothing
  30. Go glampingGlamper
  31. Climb a volcano
  32. Go sailing
  33. Do online dating
  34. Witness a solar eclipse
  35. Find an exercise type you like and stick with it
  36. Join a Big Talk group
  37. Ride 100 miles on a bike in one day
  38. Change your hair color
  39. Write a book
  40. Fall in love
  41. Have a child
  42. Join a walking club
  43. Learn calligraphy
  44. Read 50 books a year
  45. Play in a tennis league
  46. Do line dancing
  47. Have a job that you love
  48. Ride in a military C17
  49. Eat fondue
  50.  Go to a Break Room/Rage Room and break lots of stuffBreak room
  51. Appear on a TV show
  52. Invent something
  53. Experience eyebrow threading
  54. Meet someone famous (Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune)
  55. Host a cookie exchange
  56. Take a shag dancing class
  57. Try a salt therapy session
  58. Play in a pingpong tournament
  59. Go to a drive-through festival of Christmas lights
  60. Have a girlfriends wreath-making party for Christmas
  61. Jump into the ocean on a polar plunge
    Completed bucket list: polar plunge
  62. Participate in a sand castle contest
  63. Belt out your favorite songs on a long solo road trip
  64. Ride in a dump truck and watch the load being dumped
  65. Go kayaking
  66. Form a book club
  67. Do stand up paddleboarding
  68. Take a pole dancing class
  69. Do axe throwingAxe throwing
  70. Ride a camel
  71. Write an e-book
  72. Go on a cruise with a friend and cruise solo
  73. Ride on a train
  74. Sleep overnight in an airport (this did NOT turn out to be fun but I thought it would be)
  75. Go to the French Riviera
  76. Visit a mosque
  77. Hike to the summit of a (small) mountain
  78. Hold a community yard sale for charity
  79. Go ice skating
  80. Cut down your own live Christmas tree
  81. Live in a place you love
  82. Rappel down a climbing wall
  83. Climb to the top of a climbing wall
  84. Go to a penguin rookery
  85. Do stand-up paddleboard yoga
  86. Have your “15 minutes of fame”
  87. Go on a women’s hiking and kayaking weekend
  88. Go to a weekend scrapbooking retreat at the beach
  89. Record a song at a “do-it-yourself” recording studio
  90. Experience a sensory deprivation tank/flotation tank
  91. Do aerial yoga
  92. Walk on a labyrinthLabyrinth
  93. Do Polga (combination of pole dancing and yoga)
  94. Watch a live NASCAR race/Daytona 500
  95. Cruise solo
  96. Create a blog and get over half a million hits
  97. Stay in a tiny houseTiny house
  98. Do aerial yoga
  99. Write a guest post on someone else’s blog
  100. Do goat yoga
  101. Take a photo every day for a year showing what you did/what happened to you
  102. Go to an aerial adventure park
  103. Play frisbee/disk golf
  104. Take an exotic chair dancing class
  105. Do line dancing
  106. Take a belly dancing class
  107. Take a ballet class
  108. Take a Zumba class
  109. Go to an escape room
  110. Go to a UFO welcome center (Bowman, South Carolina)
  111. See the Sistine Chapel
  112. Visit New Orleans and Bourbon Street
  113. See Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  114. See the Palace of Versailles in France
  115. See the Acropolis in Athens
  116. Go to Myrtle Beach
  117. See the Sydney Opera House
  118. Go to Australia
  119. Visit a mosque
  120. See Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
  121. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  122. Go to Patagonia, South America
  123. See the Coliseum in Rome
  124. Visit the Mona Lisa in The Louvre
  125. See changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  126. See the fjords in Norway
  127. Go to the Falkland Islands
  128. Walk up Lombard Street in San Francisco
  129. Go to Zion national park
  130. Visit Hell on the Cayman Islands
  131. Go to Bryce Canyon
  132. Go to the Grand Canyon
  133. See the fall foliage in New England
  134. Go to Key West
  135. Visit plantations in Charleston, SC
  136. Go to Trevi Fountain, Rome
  137. Sunbathe on the French Riviera
  138. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  139. Visit Cinque Terre, Italy
  140. Visit Venice
  141. Get photo sketched by a sidewalk artist in Montmartre, Paris
  142. Go to Bora Bora
  143. Go to Hawaii
  144. Go to a yard sale in a foreign country
  145. Cruise around Cape Horn and circumnavigate the tip of South America
  146. Go to the “end of the world” – Ushuaia, South America
  147. Go to Las Vegas and stay at the Bellagio Hotel
  148. Go to the botanical garden in Phoenix, AZ
  149. Go to Spain
  150. Go to Italy and see the Amalfi Coast and Capri
  151. Go to Montenegro
  152. Go to France
  153. Go to Greece
  154. Go to Morocco and Tangiers in Africa
  155. Ride a camel
  156. Go to Mexico
  157. Eat fish and chips in London
  158. Go to England
  159. Go to Switzerland
  160. Go to Chile, South America
  161. Go on a weekend bicycling trip to New England
  162. Hike in the rain forest in Costa Rica
  163. Go to Belize
  164. Visit every major Caribbean island
  165. Go see the Rock of Gibraltar
  166. Go to Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens
  167. Visit  St. Petersburg, Russia
  168. Go to Sweden
  169. Visit Los Angeles and see the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign

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3 Responses to 169 Fun Things to Do Accomplished: My Completed Bucket List

  1. Elisa says:

    How long did it take you to make this list???? You have really travelled! This list is phenomenal.

    • Hi Elisa! Just saw your comment – thanks! It took a couple weeks to think of all these things, and I did most of them the last 10 years or so (travels) and the last 5 years (activities). One was from childhood, though (under Niagara Falls)! Am lucky to have done a lot of cruises before the pandemic – and am dying to do more!

  2. To be honest, by the time I got to my thirties, I was more focused on writing and having fun together than making big goals. The years past, I’m realizing this, and I wanted to share them with you. So here are 17 things I know that nobody has done yet:
    — Have a vacation plan at least 4 months ahead of travel
    — Read or watch/listen to several audiobooks on different topics a week: something non-fiction, fiction or biography. If you don’t know what they are, there’s plenty of great free resources here. (And a couple of book recommendations) Read an author’s interviews or read their books for something unrelated. Then pick one, read it, and listen to more books about a different topic from the same writer or just related ones. You start building your mind around the world from every angle — travel, history, philosophy, food, etc. That is a brilliant idea!
    I actually started following these three suggestions because of listening to Bill Bryson’s audio book series while writing/trying out his ideas about how we humans do travel around the globe or some other thing he was into in those days. And I had…
    Nia Hayes – ShunCy recently posted…How to grow St Augustine grass from seedMy Profile

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