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Do Something New Every Day in January: The Challenge

To make January more fun this year, instead of making resolutions I spontaneously challenged myself to do something new every day — and it was much harder than I thought it’d be!  The COVID cases are very high here now  … Continue reading

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169 Fun Things to Do Accomplished: My Completed Bucket List

Starting a new year (after two pretty uneventful years during the pandemic) got me thinking about the many fun things to do that I’ve experienced so far in life – my completed bucket list.  I’m working on a fun things … Continue reading

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My Surprisingly Nice Solo COVID Christmas

My 2020 solo COVID Christmas turned out to be relaxing and a much nicer day than I ever anticipated! I think it helped going into it without any specific expectations and with the general goal of making the most of … Continue reading

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Adults: 12 Fun Things to Do During Coronavirus Isolation

A lot of adults are normally incredibly busy — so what do we do with all the free time now that we can’t leave the house?

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How to Make the Coronavirus Lockdown More Pleasant

Yay! Made it through the first week of hunkering down at home  for coronavirus prevention!

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Holland America Cruise Line: Pros and Cons

I’m an enthusiastic cruiser who’s taken about 20 cruises on four major cruise lines (Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival). A friend and I recently completed my first Holland America cruise on the Zuiderdam and compiled a list of Holland … Continue reading

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Self Checkout at Stores: Pros and Cons

More and more stores near where I live are installing self checkout aisles — including grocery stores, discount stores like Walmart, and drugstores. What are the pros and cons of self checkout to the customer?

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A Tribute to My Amazing Dad

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and I’ll admit it. (Maybe every girl is.) My dear dad passed away in November at age 94, and this “tribute to my amazing dad” was the eulogy I gave at his celebration of … Continue reading

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My One Word for 2020 is One Phrase

My one word for 2020 is one phrase this year, combining two pretty different goals, which I believe do not have to be mutually exclusive…

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Rage Room: Relieve Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

If you’re like me,  people have been telling you not to break things and “be a good girl” your whole life. Visiting a rage room allows you to break free of those constraints — and it’s a great stress reliever, … Continue reading

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