Adults: 12 Fun Things to Do During Coronavirus Isolation

Adults 12 fun things to do during coronavirus isolation
A lot of adults are normally incredibly busy — so what do we do with all the free time now that we can’t leave the house?Check out these fun ideas to pass time in enjoyable ways during coronavirus isolation:

1) Take long walks. If you use a Fitbit, note how many steps each route is and  you might be surprised.

2) Rake leaves. If you’re like me, you still have some in your yard! It’s good exercise and it gets you out for some fresh air.

3) Do yard work. Again, if you’re like me, you have some flower beds that need weeding and some plants or bushes that need cut or shaped. Yard work can be very therapeutic.

4) Ride a bike.  Even if you haven’t gotten the bike out of the garage for years, pump some air in the tires and take a spin around the neighborhood to see things from a different perspective.

5) Assemble some puzzles.  Apparently, doing puzzles is a big thing now! The more pieces you get, the longer it should take.

6) Take up adult coloring. I got several coloring books and sets of markers for Christmas a few years ago; now is the time to take them out and do some relaxing coloring.

7) Play hopscotch. If you’ve got some chalk in the house, draw a hopscotch board on your sidewalk or driveway, find a rock and play a few rounds to unleash your inner child.

8) Do free or low-cost exercise classes with online videos. If you belong to a fitness center or club, check their websites to see if they offer any videos during this hiatus. My club has videos for classes they don’t even offer at the club (including dancing to Broadway hits)! And a number of sites are serving the community by offering free yoga classes during this hibernation period. I go to Body Pump class every weekend and was excited to find a Les Mills Body Pump website ( with a big variety of videos for only $14.99 a month (less if you sign up for 3 months or longer). You can do Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Flow and more on demand – and you get a 14-day free trial period.

9) Sign up for Hulu (first month free), Netflix or some other streaming TV program and check out the movies or TC series your friends have been raving about.

10) Facetime or chat with friends (even the next-door neighbors!) with Google Duo — very easy to install and use. You can see everybody on the screen at the same time!

11) Read. No list would be complete without a reminder to enjoy some good books or magazines. This is the time to pull out the books on your shelves and finally catch up.

12) Put up outdoor Christmas lights to spread cheer (they’re doing that in my town and it makes the neighborhood very festive!)

Yes, the “to do” list is still there – and you have adult obligations – but enjoy this time to treat yourself to some things you don’t normally have time to do!

And please share your ideas for fun things to do during coronavirus isolation!


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3 Responses to Adults: 12 Fun Things to Do During Coronavirus Isolation

  1. Elisa says:

    Don’t you love all the exercises on video? A lot of our local gyms are doing them, too, and I like those a lot since I am used to the teachers.

    We are doing lots of yard work, and it feels so good to get outside.

    Take care.

  2. Christine says:

    Great list of ideas!

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