Do Something New Every Day in January: The Challenge

Do Something New Every Day in January: The Challenge

To make January more fun this year, instead of making resolutions I spontaneously challenged myself to do something new every day — and it was much harder than I thought it’d be!  The COVID cases are very high here now  and that limits a lot of group/inside activities.

But I didn’t want to do anything too easy – like reading a new book, because I read all the time… it had to be a more unique activity. Continue reading

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169 Fun Things to Do Accomplished: My Completed Bucket List

169 Fun Things to Do Accomplished

Starting a new year (after two pretty uneventful years during the pandemic) got me thinking about the many fun things to do that I’ve experienced so far in life – my completed bucket list.  I’m working on a fun things to do list for next year now, too, and a rest-of-life bucket list!

You might want to try some of the ideas below, if you haven’t done them yet. Click the links to see a full blog post about some of them, too. Continue reading

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My Surprisingly Nice Solo COVID Christmas

My Surprisingly Nice  Solo COVID Christmas

My 2020 solo COVID Christmas turned out to be relaxing and a much nicer day than I ever anticipated!

I think it helped going into it without any specific expectations and with the general goal of making the most of communicating with family members (who usually come to my house every Christmas) in the best ways possible.

I spent my first Christmas Eve alone, but had visited with a friend earlier who brought me a big mystery present  — just turned the lights on the tree and watched Home Alone later. And while I was at the McDonalds drive-through stocking up on my favorite Diet Cokes earlier in the afternoon, the person in the car ahead of me paid for my order. That’s never happened before! And it was amazing what a nice feeling it gave me. So, of course, I had to do it for the car behind me (also a first).

On Christmas morning, my son and his wife in Vermont did a Zoom call for our traditional breakfast where we all eat Grands cinnamon rolls and talk.

The assisted living people called to tell me my mom was ready for her visit, so I went and brought her to my house. They’d dressed her in cute holiday clothes with a white scarf.

Mom napped all afternoon, so my son and daughter-in-law got on another Zoom call and we opened the presents from each other — which was way more fun than expected. They dressed their dog in a festive sweater and the dog and both of them wore antler hats!

After that, I just surfed the Net with no specific goals, reading about people I know on Facebook and looking at Christmas articles. Then I made an easy Christmas dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans and rolls and mom and I ate and opened her presents.

Mom and I called my sister during dinner — and although my mom couldn’t hear my sister without her captioned phone, my sister got to hear mom’s voice.

A couple things that made the day particularly good were my new COVID Christmas rules:

  • Eat whatever you want (just this one day)
  • Don’t listen to news all day or check news on the Internet
  • Don’t even try to do anything constructive
  • Don’t think deep thoughts
  • Fool around all you want

In other words, just let the day happen at its own pace.

It did… and it was wonderful.

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Adults: 12 Fun Things to Do During Coronavirus Isolation

Adults 12 fun things to do during coronavirus isolation
A lot of adults are normally incredibly busy — so what do we do with all the free time now that we can’t leave the house? Continue reading

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How to Make the Coronavirus Lockdown More Pleasant

How to Make the Coronavirus Lockdown More Pleasant

Yay! Made it through the first week of hunkering down at home  for coronavirus prevention! Continue reading

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Holland America Cruise Line: Pros and Cons

Holland America cruise line pros and cons

I’m an enthusiastic cruiser who’s taken about 20 cruises on four major cruise lines (Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival). A friend and I recently completed my first Holland America cruise on the Zuiderdam and compiled a list of Holland America Cruise Line pros and cons (good and bad features). Continue reading

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Self Checkout at Stores: Pros and Cons

More and more stores near where I live are installing self checkout aisles — including grocery stores, discount stores like Walmart, and drugstores. What are the pros and cons of self checkout to the customer? Continue reading

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A Tribute to My Amazing Dad

A Tribute to My Amazing Dad

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and I’ll admit it. (Maybe every girl is.)

My dear dad passed away in November at age 94, and this “tribute to my amazing dad” was the eulogy I gave at his celebration of life.

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My One Word for 2020 is One Phrase


My one word for 2020 is one phrase this year, combining two pretty different goals, which I believe do not have to be mutually exclusive…

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Rage Room: Relieve Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

Rage Room: Release Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

If you’re like me,  people have been telling you not to break things and “be a good girl” your whole life. Visiting a rage room allows you to break free of those constraints — and it’s a great stress reliever, too! Continue reading

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