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15 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

If you’re an avid reader, there’s nothing worse than to finish a book and not have another one waiting. Check out 15 ways to find good books to read.

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16 Helpful Tips for a Broken Leg, Broken Foot or Broken Ankle

If you have a broken ankle, broken leg or broken foot, chances are it’s a new experience — and you can use some helpful tips to make life as easy as possible during your recovery.

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Beware of Thin-Soled Sandals: What to Do When You Get Blisters on the Balls of Your Feet

There are so many cute sandals! But before you buy the next pair, keep this in mind: sandals with ultra-thin soles can result in days of misery!

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Never Lose Your Keys Again with Tile Mate

If you’re like me, every five or ten years, you lose your key ring and everything on it — and it always happens at an inopportune time.

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10 Best Life Hacks of 2016

Everyone loves to discover tricks and tips that make life easier. Here are the 10 best life hacks of 2016:

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The First Thing to Replace After Divorce, Separation or Breakup

The days and weeks after a divorce, separation or breakup with a long-time lover can be filled with sadness.

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Weight Watchers Now: Wow!

The last (and only) time I was a Weight Watchers member was 14 years ago when they offered a program at work. Got down to my goal and became a lifetime member. But somehow over the years, the weight slowly … Continue reading

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Brave Women Go Places Alone

Women like to go places and do things with other women because they enjoy each other’s company. (And men have always joked that women even go to the restroom together at social events.) And, of course, women enjoy going out … Continue reading

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Joining the Uber Craze: My First Uber Experience

Everybody’s heard of Uber — the service that matches drivers and passengers, but I don’t know anyone over 40 who’s ever used it to go anywhere.

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Make a Handy Calendar Pocket for Next Year’s Appointments (5-Minute DIY)

If you’re like me, many times during the year your doctors, hair dressers or other professionals give you a card for a follow-up appointment in the next calendar year. What do you do with it? In the past, I resorted … Continue reading

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