Can’t Cure a Magazine Junkie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve had a wicked addiction to magazines since first grade.

It started with Highlights for Children in elementary school, and progressed to Tiger Beat (ooh, those cute long-haired musician boys), Young Miss, Teen and Seventeen (oh so cool).

The old favorites that my mom read, Family Circle and Woman’s Day, made me feel grown-up as a married woman.

Other much-loved magazines over the years — and through the various stages of life –have included Glamour, CosmopolitanWorking Woman, Bicycling, Mademoiselle, Parents, Working Mother, Good HousekeepingRedbook, Self, Better Homes and Garden, Ladies Home Journal, Yoga and More. Since I’m an avid scrapbooker, I also had subscriptions for years to all the scrapbooking magazines – but, unfortunately, every single one has stopped publication!

Featured in First magazine

Family featured in First magazine

When I was a stay-at-home mother of a young child, my then-husband, son and I were even featured in an article in First magazine. What a thrill! A friend in another state contacted me after the issue came out and said she’d been reading a magazine in a doctor’s office and there I was.

During the past five years or so, my favorites have been Real Simple, Bottom Line, O – the Oprah Magazine, HGTV, First and All You. One of my criteria to determine if a magazine is useful is the number of pages I rip out of it and keep for future reference — and I do a lot of ripping from these magazines (which explains the huge tub of items to be filed in my spare bedroom).

I guess the next stage of life — magazine-wise — is AARP. My friend keeps giving me her old issues and telling me how great the articles are (the same thing men say about Playboy), but I plan to hold off getting a subscription for a few more years…

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  1. jetgirlcos says:

    Greetings fellow magazine addict! Good ol’ “Highlights” – that’s where I started as well 🙂 In order to avoid being buried by them, I have whittled my subscriptions down to New Mexico and Wired, and have taken to having my magazine fix on my iPad now…I admit it makes the mailbox less interesting! Thankfully my mom gives me her Oprah’s when she finishes them 🙂 Great post!

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