Childhood Activities Adults Still Love

Childhood Activities and Smells that Adults Still Love

Come on, admit it. There areĀ  some things from your childhood you still love.

It’s OK; psychologists have found that play is good for adults as well as children.

About 20 years ago, I co-authored a book called Kids on the Go: Great Places to Take Kids in the Charleston Area — and have to confess, I enjoyed the parks and playgrounds my business partner and I “tested” for the book as much as our young sons did!

And I just took a ride on a swing recently, too — which was more fun than I expected. And that got me thinking about things from childhood I still love.

Here’s a list of childhood activities and memory-evoking smells that still bring me joy.

What childhood activities still bring you pleasure? What sweet smells of childhood will you always love?

Help me add to the list!


1) Going barefoot
2) Eating ice cream cones
3) Perching on high stools
4) Reading the comics
5) Receiving a sincere compliment
6) Coloring
7) Taking a nap
8) Daydreaming
9) Popping bubble wrap
10) Playing mini-golf
11) Doing crafts
12) Doodling
13) Whistling
14) Carving my initials in a jar of newly-opened peanut butter with a butter knife (a peculiar activity my mom taught my sister and me to love; we’d compete to be the one to do it first)
15) Chewing bubble gum
16) A hug from mom and dad


1) Coppertone suntan lotion
2) Freshly mown grass
3) Talcum powder
4) Chlorine in the pool
5) New crayons
6) The ocean

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