First 30 Days of Lifestyle Blogging

30  blog posts, 1165 hits

30 blog posts, 1165 hits

Wow — I’ve written and published one Thoughts, Tips and Tales blog post a day for the first 30 days in a row! And managed to get 1,165 hits (not too bad for a first stab at a personal blog ??). Although my mom does subscribe to get a daily email update, I swear she hasn’t been clicking on the blog all day every day…

The main reason this experience has been so interesting is that, by day, I’m a writer and newsletter editor — and manage the internal communications blog at a large organization with offices worldwide. The posts are, of course, work-related, but the hit count is slightly higher (3.2 million hits since May 2010).

Although the blog’s purpose is to provide need-to-know info to employees, we still manage to have fun with it. Last year when we reached two million hits, we held a week-long company-wide celebration that included banners, posters and more.

My talented coworkers and I produced a video (which, of course, was posted on the blog) that featured a skit starring employees who spoofed the old Austin Powers movies. In situations where Dr. Evil would cackle and say with glee, “One MILLION dollars!” — our Dr. Evil would shout, “Two MILLION blog hits!” (What can I say? We thought it was hilarious… and it still cracks me up thinking about it)

The cafe manager even agreed to rename menu items after blog terms that week, so that customers got to order “blogburgers,” “million meatball subs” and other wacky foods.

Enough about work…

To everyone who’s read the various blog posts here, thanks for your comments and your interest during an exciting first month. Writing about my personal life (and trying not to reveal too much) to friends, family, and “friends I haven’t met yet” has been a new and entertaining experience.

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