7 Things You May Not Know about Fitbit

7 Things you may not know about Fitbit

Fitbits are so helpful in providing motivation to be more active!

I’ve been using one for more than two years now and discovered some interesting Fitbit facts you may not know.

  1. If you push a grocery cart or walk on a treadmill and hold the bar, the Fitbit won’t count all of your steps. Your hand needs to be across the front of your body or hanging loose at your side for an accurate step count. Ditto with pushing a stroller or using an elliptical trainer.
  2. A workaround is to put the Fitbit in your pocket or tie it to your shoe laces. Be sure to write yourself a note to take it out of your pocket  before washing clothes, though!
  3. You can buy attractive Fitbit covers (known as Fitbling) on Etsy for models that don’t have changeable bands. The covers make the device look more like dazzling  jewelry and less like…well…a pedometer strapped to your arm.
  4. Instead of pressing the buttons on the sides of the Fitbit to see the time, you can just tap the face. (Discovered this just recently!)
  5. Fitbits really rack up the steps during a Zumba class (about 6,000 per hour for the  class I attend) but they don’t count weight-lifting reps in a BodyPump class. You’ll need to manually add exercise like that (that doesn’t involve many steps) to the Fitbit dashboard to count it.
  6. The Fitbit band will eventually come apart near the face– and if you have a model that came out before the Charge HR, it’ll fall off your wrist. Often. However, you can  buy an inexpensive rubber band-like device that works well to keep it on!
  7. Because of the components it contains, worn or broken Fitbits must be disposed of with electronics, not in regular trash.

Can you add more to this list?

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