Use Unpleasant Credit Card and Earn a Free Cruise

Unpleasant credit cardA friend recently told me about how, over the years, she and her husband charged all the things that were particularly distasteful – pap tests, plumbers’ bills, tires for the car, etc. – on a credit card offered by Carnival Cruise Lines. They called it their unpleasant credit card.

Eventually, they earned enough rewards for a cruise. The problem was, the rewards covered only one cruise… Fortunately,  not long afterwards — they found a 2-for-1 cruise deal — and both of them got to reap the rewards they’d earned on a free, fun get-away.

Isn’t that a great idea to make the most out of having to pay for things that aren’t any fun?

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3 Responses to Use Unpleasant Credit Card and Earn a Free Cruise

  1. Joyce Putnam Eblen says:

    Hi again! Enjoyed the blog. I just wanted to clarify that we haven’t taken the free cruise yet–we have earned enough points, but are waiting for a good deal to come along in early 2015. (Cruise lines are struggling right now, so we will probably book our cruise soon, for a 2015 sailing date.) The point you made in the blog still remains the same, however.

  2. Vanessa D. says:

    It’s a very clever idea for people who are really good with their credit cards. I only just recently got one because I work from home and get reimbursed for certain expenses. Also, I sometimes have to stay in hotels now and booking one of those without a credit card is just not possible.

    PS. Thank you for your comment on my blog this afternoon – it helped clarify an idea for a blog post that was simmering in the back of my head.
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