Cars that Crack Me Up

Cars that Crack Me Up

Ever see vehicles that make you laugh? These are some of my favorites.

I know Smart cars are supposed to be energy efficient, but they just look silly to me. I always expect the door to open and a bunch of clowns to tumble out, like in the old circus acts!


Evil guy from James Bond movie's truckWhat’s up with the six-inch razor-sharp spikes jutting from the middle of the wheels on this menacing black monster vehicle? Who’s driving it — Jaws from the James Bond movies?! Felt like I needed to turn on my flamethrowers and race away!



Reindeer car


Love cars with reindeer ears and red noses — they’re festive and fun around the holidays.



This Minnie  MINI Cooper is really unique. Took a photo of it in a local parking lot and found out later it belongs to a quirky friend from work.


Car with a tail








Gotta love a car with a tail!

Asymmetrical cube car


This Cube car with the asymmetrical back window just looks “off” somehow to me — like you feel compelled to walk around to the side of it to see where the window actually ends. Does it seem like that to you, too?

If you have photos of any other fun vehicles to add to this list, please send a link to them!

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  1. Carolann says:

    Some of those cars crack me up! I guess some folks like crazy looking car. Some are cute for sure!
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