Mothers: Please Get Off the Phone and Talk to Your Children

Mothers: Please Get Off the Phone and Talk to your Children

It breaks my heart to see women chatting, texting and surfing the web on their phones in the grocery store, restaurants and other places while their children appear to be ignored.

Boston University School of Medicine researchers found in a recent study that a mother’s use of mobile devices during meals and daily life can have negative effects on children.

Moms, please don’t make the kids compete with your mobile device for your attention!

You’re rolling your eyes now and saying “that’s the way it is today” and “she must be an old lady.” Well, you may be right — I raised my son “back in the day” when nobody had cell phones — and we did a lot of talking to each other.

Just because parents do things differently now doesn’t mean it’s better.

One thing I do know is that kids need attention, especially after they’ve been in day care One of the greatest gifts you can give is your undivided attention.and you pick them up from work. They need to play games like “I spy” with you in the grocery store, explore the world together, sing songs and just talk with you. That’s the way they satisfy their need to reconnect with you after a day apart.

And you need to get off the phone to do that…

I worry that people are raising a generation of kids that will feel distant from their parents due to insufficient interaction, and that they won’t develop necessary language and social skills. And the Boston University study cited above seems to confirm that may be true.

Before you write me off — just read about the study results and think it over, OK?

Be the mom you want your kids to remember — the one who gave them her undivided attention and made them feel special, not the one who was always on her cell phone…

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