Facebook’s New Emoticons: Do More Than Just “Like” a Post

wow dont you just love facebooks new emotion responses

Using Facebook is a great way to keep up with friends and relatives.

Millions of people around the globe check their Facebook page daily and share the latest happenings in their lives with the people who are near and dear to them.

Since the primary purpose of Facebook is to interact with people, the site’s always had a “Like” button that you can click to indicate you agree with something someone’s posted, think their kids are adorable or are chuckling as you watch their cute kitty videos.

But it was always confusing when a friend published something where “liking” just wasn’t an appropriate response (lost a job? house burned down? lose your pet?).

We could always break down and type a personal message to express our thoughts, but, heck, who wants to do that? It’s faster and easier to click a button.

Facebook creators recently released an expanded set of emoticons that can more adequately express various reactions to people’s Facebook messages.

Now, we can not only “like” our friend’s message, but we can love it, laugh at it (haha), be impressed by it (Wow!), share the unfairness of it (angry face) or even shed a tear about it (sad).

Simply hover the mouse over the “Like” button and select the image you want, then click.

Check out Facebook now and get emotional!

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2 Responses to Facebook’s New Emoticons: Do More Than Just “Like” a Post

  1. Carolann says:

    I wanted the dislike button so badly lol. Those are cute for sure but I’m really excited about that dislike button!
    Carolann recently posted…The Tech That Manages My LifeMy Profile

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