What’s Up with the Pinterest Poop Pictures? Cut it Out!

What's up with the Pinterest poop pictures? Cut it out!

In my opinion, one of the simple pleasures in life is taking some time to relax and scroll through the Pinterest website to enjoy great photography and read entertaining articles. I don’t have a clue how Pinterest feeds work to determine what appears on people’s screens — I just know it’s based on a complex algorithm and perceived interests.

That’s why I’m so startled — and frankly, offended — that every time I’ve checked Pinterest the past few days, the page seems to be filled with graphics of — there’s no nice way to say it — poop! Really graphic graphics, too.

Have I missed something — and now every Pinterest enthusiast in America (but me) wants to see pictures of — and read about — this subject?

I’m not a dewy-eyed Pollyanna and I hate to get all political, but this is a perfect example of the crassness of America that current politicians (yes, you Donald Trump) seem to encourage and intensify.

I did figure out how to go in and change my settings to block one person’s board from appearing on my feed, but, geez, I resent having to do that.

What happened to decorum, good taste, good sense and good manners? Why can’t we go back to the “good old days” (last year) when people had a little more dignity and restraint?





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2 Responses to What’s Up with the Pinterest Poop Pictures? Cut it Out!

  1. Carolann says:

    I think your account has been hacked or something worse. I never saw one pic of poop ever and I have over 6k in followers on Pinterest. I’d email them and ask how to fix this issue Diane. Sounds like something is seriously wrong with your account. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything really offensive on Pinterest. Hope that helps. And just to throw this out there, I don’t think Donald has encouraged or has anything to do with America being crass or rude or has endorsed in any way posting pics of poop. lol just saying. Humans have been doing rude stuff wayyyyyy before he ran for president.

  2. blogqueendiane says:

    I think it was possibly a bunch of recent posts from a single person’s feed — 3 different graphics appeared on my first page days in a row. It was by a female blogger, can’t remember her name, but her photo was under it. I went to one of those posts and clicked something to block her posts from appearing on my feed — and they’re not there today. Always loved Pinterest and was just horrified anyone would put those photos on — even for sharing “medical advice.”

    You’re right – all kinds of people do rude stuff. He’s just the most recent and visible person that comes to my mind.

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