Workplace Solution: A Foolproof Way to Remember CAC or ID Badge

Workplace solution: a foolproof way to remember CAC or badge ID

If you work for a government agency or high-tech business that uses a badge ID or CAC (common access card) for admittance to the premises/military base, and/or for building access and computer access, you understand how important it is to remember to take it with you everywhere. And you need a foolproof way to remember CAC or ID badge.

If you forget… there aren’t too many things worse than not being able to enter the property on Monday morning when you’re headed to work! Or being locked out of the room where you working on a big project because you jumped up and ran to the restroom quickly, forgetting your ID.

Some things I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid situations like these are:

1) Posting notes and signs around my cubicle

2) Posting signs across the hall from the doorway of the cubicle

The bad  thing about signs is that, after a while, you ignore them. (Plus, it’s visual clutter — and your coworkers tend to tease you about your bad memory.)

After years of experimentation, I finally came across the winning combination.

1)  Cut a piece of bright red or orange paper and put it in the plastic CAC holder underneath the CAC. (I carry a second badge, so it sits on top of that.) That way, when the CAC is missing and you glance down, you immediately see the wrong color (orange — not white) — and a color that signifies emergency, at that — and you know immediately something isn’t right.

2)  Also, clip a big sign that says “CAC” on your purse. When you leave work at night and pick up your purse to take it home with you, don’t let yourself remove the clip until you’ve actually removed the CAC from your computer and inserted it into the holder. (Don’t trust yourself if you think, “It’s only going to be a few seconds; how can I forget it?” Believe me — you’ll get distracted and forget it! I’ve done it numerous times…)

Workplace solution: a foolproof way to remember CAC or badge IDWorkplace Solution A Foolproof Way to Remember CAC or ID Badge

If you’re required to wear and use an ID badge or CAC at work and have an idea that helps you remember it, please share it!

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4 Responses to Workplace Solution: A Foolproof Way to Remember CAC or ID Badge

  1. Elisa says:

    I hate when I have to go back home halfway to work because I forgot it!

  2. Garling says:

    blogqueendiane, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  3. I’ve experienced that dreaded feeling approaching the parking garage and frantically searching my purse for my entry badge. Thankfully, I’ve not yet forgotten upon leaving home. At work, it stays on me so I’ve never had to go back to my cube for it. In the morning, it’s just become habit – keys, phone, badge. Then when I get in my car I put it in my console so I’m not ripping apart my purse for it with a line of cars behind me! 🙂 You’ve shared some good tips!
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