Clean Shirt or Bust (Bib) — My Slightly Eccentric Solution to Keep Clothes Clean While Eating Breakfast in the Car on the Way to Work

Like many people, I’m into multi-tasking and like to sleep until the last possible minute before heading to work each day. The perfect solution is to toast a bagel with peanut butter and fix a large Crystal Lite drink with ice, and enjoy these in the car on the 20-minute drive to work.

It works well. The drive is enjoyable, the food is pleasant, and I get to sleep that extra few minutes instead of wasting time sitting at the kitchen table and eating. I grab my toothbrush at work, run in and brush my teeth, and am ready for the day.

Adult bib available on from nonyourmamaskitchen at

Adult bib available on from nonyourmamaskitchen at

The only flaw is that often I look down and find peanut butter (or worse – raspberry Crystal Lite) on my clothing (and the red drink always falls on a white shirt!) The perfect solution was to buy an adult-sized terrycloth “bib” that buttons behind the neck and wear it over my work clothes. Once done eating, voila – fling it it off and everything is clean.

Have you ever tried this? Do you have any alternative solutions?

P.S. Now, if I had only … Scotchguarded the carpet on the floor of the car or covered it with extra layers of mats to protect from the multiple Crystal Lite splashes and spills from the drink cup holder over the years. Whoever buys my car next may wonder why the floormats are dark red and the rest of the upholstery is beige…



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