Sorry to Seem Like a Bragger… but Just Had My First Blogging Achievement

Blog post featured in center of BlogHer home page June 16, 2014I started this personal blog a little more than a month ago primarily for fun, since I write business-related articles at work all day. Figured that deciding what to write on a blog post every day and gathering graphics to go along with it would give me something entertaining to think about and do.

Today (Mon., June 16) I got home from a rather mundane day at work and checked my email to find a message from an editor at BlogHer that read:

“I’ll be featuring your post,, as a featured member post in the Work/Life and Health topics and on the homepage of today.

We’ll be promoting your post in various ways, which includes Twitter — we also may discuss it on Facebook and/or placement within the BlogHer network. Follow @BlogHer and like us on Facebook so you can jump in any discussions we may have! Please help us promote this post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and @BlogHer when you do! We’d love to see you in the comments on your post, as well.

Thanks for publishing such a fantastic post on Please let me know if you have any questions.

My blog post about learning to swim as an adult has been front and center on the home page of BlogHer (an extremely well-known blog site for women bloggers) as a featured post all day today! Is that cool or what?!

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