Wonder Why?

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Everyone thinks about certain things in life and speculates why they’re done.  Here are  some of the things I wonder about (you’ll notice none of them are deep or terribly important…). If you know the reasons behind any of them, feel free to comment!

1) Why do all women’s magazines fill the back of every issue with recipes? (I don’t cook much and just toss the magazine once the recipes start.)

2) Ever notice how women’s magazines tend to have the same subjects on the cover as their competitors do that month? How do they know — are there magazine spies?

3) Why do officials name cities the same name as the country or republic (for example — Djibouti, Djibouti)?  They can’t think of a different name for the city?

4) Why do they call individuals in the military “troops”? When I was a kid, we had a troop of Brownies — and that meant a group of people, not one.

5) Why do only men like the 77-year old with the screen name “Fertilizer” contact me on Internet dating sites? (And why on earth would you pick that for your screen name???)

What are the things you wonder about?

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