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A Great Way to Look at Birthdays

  Today’s my birthday!

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Bloggers: Use Your Power for Good

Wasn’t it Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz who said, “Dorothy, use your power for good, not evil?” Blogs have power, and they’re the ideal place to inspire readers and lift them up. Blogs give you an … Continue reading

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Wonder Why?

Everyone thinks about certain things in life and speculates why they’re done.  Here are  some of the things I wonder about (you’ll notice none of them are deep or terribly important…). If you know the reasons behind any of them, … Continue reading

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15 Bucket List / Lifetime Goals Achieved So Far: The Dream vs. the Reality

When you’re a child and a 20-something, you dream of doing many things during your life. Although you don’t formally label it a bucket list — or a lifetime goal — that’s what it is. What childhood and early adult dreams … Continue reading

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Something to Think About for Monday

It’s true, isn’t it?

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The High and Low List for June 2014

Here’s a recap of the good, bad and ugly things that’ve happened in my life during June: GOOD 1.Had the first blog post I ever submitted to BlogHer published, listing me as a Featured Writer. It’s gotten 550 hits there … Continue reading

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Funny Friends: Laughter is the Best Medicine

I’ve done more laughing in the past 2 1/2 days that I have in the whole last year. My best old friend (we met 24 years ago) drove from Virginia and has been visiting for three days. She just rode … Continue reading

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Follow-up to Why I Love Weird News Stories: How Weird News Teaches us Great Storytelling | The Red Pen of Doom

A while back, I wrote a post about my love affair with weird news stories and the strange things people do. Right after that, I read the hilarious blog post below explaining why people love weird stories. It’s right on … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Adult Learning to Swim

I had a rather depressing milestone birthday this year and around the same time, a friend asked if I’d like to participate in a women’s empowerment mini-triathlon in September with her. It sounded like an intriguing idea – just what … Continue reading

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What Makes Summer Sweet?

1) The smell of freshly mown grass 2) Wearing pink shoes 3) Legs looking tan and healthy (done instantly with skin bronzer) 4) Colorful flower gardens 5) Walks on the beach 6) Wearing skirts and going barelegged (that cool air … Continue reading

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