Featured on Another Blog, but Sort of Embarrassed…

embarrassmentYesterday I was a featured blogger on the In the Next 30 Days blog at http://inthenext30days.net/bloggers-day-5-blog-queen-diane-thoughts-tips-tales/, which was very cool!

But I’m kind of embarrassed because it sounded like Anna, who very kindly wrote the blog post to feature me, might have thought I was being egotistical to use the screen name “blogqueendiane.”

The only reason I chose it (and now I wish I’d picked another, more humble-sounding name!) is because I manage the corporate communications blog at work (that our employees around the world read) and quite a few people laugh and call me the “blog queen.” (I wrote a comment on her blog to try to explain that.)

Oh well…it was really nice of her to have featured me and to have a moment in the limelight… even if readers think I have a big head! 🙂

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  1. Anna says:

    That thought never, ever, ever crossed my mind. I love that you call yourself Blog Queen! Really I do. And if you handle more than one blog, then you should, by all means, rock that title. I think you need a crown!

    Thanks for playing along in my 30 Days of Bloggers series!
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