Make a Quick, Cheerful Spring Wreath to Chase Away Winter Blues

Make a Quick, Cheerful Spring Wreath

Had enough of winter? Whip up this cheerful spring wreath in less than half an hour to brighten your mood and remind you that warm weather is just ahead.

Before you know it you’ll be strolling through the garden and smelling the roses.

You need the items below; most may be available at your local dollar store.


how to make spring wreath

1) A short hose (sometimes called a leader hose).  I got mine at Ollie’s Discount Store for $3.99 (a great price). Have also seen inexpensive full-length hoses in Dollar General in vibrant colors other than standard green and small hoses at big box discount stores for about $6.

2) A colorful garden glove (buy a pair and make an extra wreath for a friend).

3) A spool of colorful ribbon 1-1.25 inches wide.

4) Artificial flowers to coordinate with the colors of the glove and the ribbon.

5) Pliers (sold at Lowes and other hardware stores) to shorten thick, long stems on artificial flowers.

How to make the wreath

Make a quick spring wreathUse the hose as the wreath base. Adjust the circumference to the size you want and secure it with one strong twist tie or plastic cable, which will be hidden under embellishments. Aim one metal end of the hose up and the other end down on the same side of the base.

Arrange artificial flowers in a small bouquet and tuck the stems under the tie.

Place the gardening glove over the tie and the flower stem.

Wrap the ribbon around the base, flowers and glove and tie it in a bow.

Use the pliers to cut the flower stems if they’re extra long.

You’re finished and ready for spring!

how to make a spring wreath from a garden hose
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