Dressing for Summer’s Sweltering Days

Woman Dressing for Summer's Sweltering DaysWhen the heat index is 110, and the first breath of fresh air in the morning makes you gasp and feel like you stepped into a 400 degree oven — it’s time to pull out all the stops in dressing for sizzling weather.

Here are some tips I’ve picked up while living in the steamy South:

1) Don’t wear hose. Ever. For any reason.  Use skin bronzer instead and your legs will look tan and healthy.

2) Wear skirts instead of pants (cool air flow).

3) Cut your hair shorter or pin it up.

4) Wear sleeveless tops. Even if you don’t have Michelle Obama upper arms, go for comfort. (You can always cover up with a cardigan or blazer inside air-conditioned buildings.)

5) Avoid tight clothing.

6) Cut the sleeves off some year-around blazers, hem them and convert them to short-sleeved summer jackets. You look like a professional and keep your cool at the same time.

7) Make a batch of cooling towels and use them while exercising, gardening, mowing the grass and doing other outdoor activities (or revive yourself with them when you return to the air conditioned house!)

8) Carry a small, dry washcloth in your pocket or purse to dab your face or neck when you “glow.”

9) And last, but not least, set a snowy screensaver scene on your computer and gaze at it often!

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