Rant #2: An Open Letter to All Retail Employees and Managers

Rant #2: An open letter to all retail employees and managersWhen has the phrase “Have a good one” uttered mindlessly by a lackadaisical employee at the end of a retail transaction become the standard?

What ever happened to thanking the customer for patronizing the establishment and spending money there?

With all the choices of restaurants, retail stores and other businesses today, employees should remember that customers don’t have to do business with their company. They could just as easily choose to patronize a competitor in the future, causing their firm to ultimately slow down — resulting in a layoff, or fail — resulting in unemployment.

To all front-line employees in America: Please THANK your customer at the end of every transaction! Use good manners, act like a civilized human being, and you may be amazed at the response.

To all retail establishment managers: Please TRAIN your employees to thank every customer and DEMAND that they follow through and do it!  Don’t let them get away with bad customer service! Your customers will appreciate your efforts — and reward you with continued patronage.

(It feels great to get that off my chest!)

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