Mishaps and Fun on a Charleston Walking Tour

Charleston from a Kid's-Eye View**This is not a sponsored blog post; I just really like this book!

M, one of my best friends, wrote a fabulous walking tour book of historic Charleston, S.C. called Charleston from a Kid’s-Eye View: The interactive walking tour book for the young and young-at-heart. It’s intended for children, but is just as entertaining for adults. Instead of stating boring facts, the book directs walkers to watch for certain things on or around a number of different historic buildings and answer questions about them, so that it’s interactive – and fun.

Before she marketed the book M asked me to test several of the tour routes by walking them. I gladly agreed.

However, I ran into a couple of problems.

1) When my friend ME and I took one of the tours, we went 10 blocks off the route before we realized we’d made a mistake. We both have master’s degrees, but obviously can’t read and follow directions well. Guess we were talking and having too much fun to pay attention to the directions…

2) I took my parents on the tour when they came to visit and was being silly, holding my hand up like a tour guide while leading them down the sidewalks and reading aloud from the book. A man and woman eagerly looked our way, my mother smiled and soon the strangers had come over to join us!

Good intentions both times, but unforeseen results.

It’s a great book, and you can buy it at Charleston-area stores.

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