Appreciating the Little Happy Moments

Appreciating the Little Happy MomentsDid you ever do some simple thing and then realize, “Wow. That was really nice.” A couple of little happy moments I’ve had lately were:

1) Coming home from work early and sitting on the front porch reading for an hour in the sunlight and fall weather. Really heavenly after months of 99 degree, high-humidity days.

2) Knocking off the top five things on my “to do” list. What a feeling of satisfaction (before those things get replaced by five more things).

3) Doing a project at work that makes me say to myself, with a smile, “That turned out amazingly well.”

4. Going to the doctor for an annual skin check and having her say, “Good news — you don’t have anything suspicious on your skin.”

5. Reading a nice comment someone left on my blog post.

6. Having a yummy hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie snack.

7. Having helpful coworkers.

8. Sitting outside at a cafe, having a coke and a conversation with an oldĀ friend on a lovely fall afternoon, and listening to the soft jazz music playing.

What little happy moments have you appreciated lately?

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