Feel Good About Yourself: List Two Hundred Accomplishments

Feel-Good Way to Start 2016: List 200 Accomplishments

During a period of low self-esteem years ago, I read an article that suggested everyone should compile a list of two hundred accomplishments to date. The author guaranteed it would be a confidence-builder and a mood enhancer.

My immediate reaction was that there was no way I had 200 achievements to list.

But when I started writing, it was an eye-opener.

Try it yourself, and you’ll be amazed and impressed!

The items don’t have to be huge (like winning a Nobel Prize).

Start with things that nearly everyone has accomplished in early childhood — for example:

1) Learned to read

2) Learned to write

3) Learned to ride a bike

After noting these basics, think about your early years and catalog things you accomplished in elementary school, junior high and high school (scholastically, personally, athletically, spiritually, musically, etc.).

Then move on to consider higher education. Also include things you’ve learned on the job and through formal career development.

Now, think about your family and friends. What activities did you learn to do with them? What did they teach you? (Fishing, juggling, how to balance a spoon on the end of your nose?)

List your hobbies.

Itemize all the jobs you’ve had and think about the skills you gained and/or awards you earned from each one. Add those items to the list!

I bet you can record 200 items in a week. Try it and let me know the outcome! This exercise is a guaranteed picker-upper.

Here are 85 items from my list that may prompt you to add achievements in various categories:

  1. Learned to sew
  2. Learned to knit
  3. Learned to crochet
  4. Learned scrapbooking
  5. Started a mother’s group
  6. Co-wrote a book about great places for families in the local area
  7. Won a high school typing award
  8. Can type more than 90 words a minute
  9. Only got one speeding ticket in my life
  10. Had a beautiful baby
  11. Am a good, loving mother
  12. Am a devoted friend
  13. Am a loving sister
  14. Am a devoted daughter
  15. Survived XX (a bad boss, a bad marriage, a natural disaster, a financial emergency)
  16. Am a competent employee
  17. Was laid off a job, but got a new one
  18. Survived divorce and thrived
  19. Was college valedictorian
  20. Was instrumental in planning a high school reunion
  21. Lost weight
  22. Have exercised three times a week for 30+ years
  23. Served as leader of the mother’s group
  24. Have the nicest lawn on the block
  25. Decorated the house on a shoestring
  26. Found numerous thrift store and yard sale bargains
  27. Was runner-up in a tennis league
  28. Was an alternate player on the high school tennis team
  29. Made it to the top of a climbing wall
  30. Biked 100 miles
  31. Taught myself to use computers
  32. Participated in the Gettysburg Address contest in middle school
  33. Taught college classes
  34. Earned a bachelor’s degree
  35. Earned a master’s degree
  36. Learned to blog
  37. Sang a solo in the church choir during elementary school
  38. Drove a golf ball 100 yards
  39. Learned to play the piano
  40. Was on the honor roll
  41. Once ran 4.2 miles (and never did it again!)
  42. Bought a house
  43. Learned to use a baseball glove and play baseball with my son
  44. Learned how to throw a football
  45. Raised a great son
  46. Learned to make pine Christmas wreaths
  47. Was featured in First magazine
  48. Was a loan officer
  49. Was a bank manager
  50. Learned how to program a VCR
  51. Learned how to use a camcorder
  52. Learned how to use a digital camera
  53. Initiated a project to improve conditions at my son’s elementary school
  54. Learned French well enough to get around in France
  55. Taught myself to type at age 10
  56. Was a corporate trainer
  57. Was a computer instructor
  58. Learned shorthand (and still remember a lot of it 20+ years later)
  59. Ran a mortgage department
  60. Traveled to XX
  61. Was runner-up for regional federal employee of the year in my category
  62. Won XX award at work
  63. Managed a charity fundraiser
  64. Raised money for XX
  65. Gave a speech
  66. Performed in a play
  67. Became a certified webmaster
  68. Learned html coding to create web pages
  69. Read 54 books in 2014
  70. Did ziplining
  71. Have taken numerous solo vacations
  72. Was an at-home mom for 4+ years (hardest job ever!)
  73. Learned to live by myself
  74. Proved my high school teacher wrong (she told me if I dropped out of chemistry class I’d never make anything of myself!)
  75. Am an avid recycler
  76. Made it through four months in a wheelchair after breaking my foot
  77. Planned and hosted my son’s wedding
  78. Wrote a book about budget wedding planning
  79. Recorded an editorial on a Pittsburgh radio station
  80. Earned a Lean Six Sigma green belt
  81. Taught people to make pine Christmas wreaths
  82. Came within six inches of making a hole in one on a par 3 golf course
  83. Grew a cotton plant from a seed (and it bloomed while I was away at summer camp!)
  84. Kicked a ball through the basketball hoop in the school gym while playing kickball in a junior high school gym class (which the P.E. teacher said had never been done before)
  85. Spent six weeks in Europe studying French during high school

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12 Responses to Feel Good About Yourself: List Two Hundred Accomplishments

  1. Carolann says:

    wow and wow. What fun that list had to me for you make. I can see where that would lift someones spirits! Plus, I just learned so much more about you wowzers. I think it’s fabulous that you did all those things what accomplishments! Very inspiring indeed!
    Carolann recently posted…Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist – Part 7My Profile

    • blogqueendiane says:

      Thanks. Figured it’d be easier for people to make their own lists if they saw ideas of the kinds of things they could list. When you have one of those “boy, am I dumb” days, bringing out this list makes you feel like less of a loser!

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing! That is a creative exercise. It was a great idea to list quite a few of yours as that would help give ideas to someone writing their list.
    Emily recently posted…My Top Tip for Having a Productive Day {Free Printable: My Daily Planner}My Profile

  3. What a fabulous idea and I’m so glad you said to start with childhood accomplishments. It makes building this list seem more achievable.
    Stella Lee (@Purfylle) recently posted…My Sunday Shot 9My Profile

  4. This is a fascinating idea. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty 🙂

    Life With Lorelai
    Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai recently posted…Home Matters Linky Party #20My Profile

  5. This is a wonderful idea. I think I will start a list with each of my 5 kids.

  6. wow. 200. that’s a lot. Love your list, I can borrow a few 🙂 This is a great idea and I will have everyone do this here too. Sometimes you think the accomplishment is too little to celebrate but really no matter how small the goal, if you get it done give yourself a pat on the back! Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!
    Kristina and Millie recently posted…Crochet Rainbow Hat Free PatternMy Profile

  7. Sharon Rowe says:

    Thanks for sharing on How To Get Organized At Home:) This is an awesome idea, it certainly makes you think in the positive of what you have accomplished already in your life. Thanks for sharing:)

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