10 Reasons to Keep a Sentence-a-Day Five Year Journal

10 Reasons to Keep a Sentence a Day Five

Many of us kept diaries as teenagers and enjoy looking back on our record of the things we did and the friends we had — and laughing about how we’ve changed.

Today, our lives are busy and there’s no time to indulge in detailed recordings. The perfect solution to keep a record of memories is a sentence-a-day five year journal, such as The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal pictured here.

The following benefits result from keeping the journal next to your bed and investing two minutes each night noting the highlight(s) of the day:

1) You have a succinct record of every day

2) You can compare what you did on the same date for five subsequent years (“Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year since….” or “Last year on this date we did….”)

3) You can see at a glance how life has changed from year to  year — and how it’s stayed the same

4) You’ll enjoy flipping through the pages years down the road (and your children and grandchildren may, too); because each entry is a mere sentence or two, you probably won’t be revealing your most intimate secrets, resulting in a “G” rating

5) You can reminisce about the past without having to go to any other source; every day you get to see what you did a year ago, two years ago, etc.

6) It’s fun

7) It’s easy

8) It’s rewarding

9) It only takes two minutes a day

10) It’s a good way to end your day on a positive note by asking yourself, “What is the best thing that happened to me today?” and writing about that in the journal

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