How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Once you start a blog, you’re always looking for interesting topics to write about…

Keep a notebook handy at all times and use the “how to find ideas for blog posts” list below to generate content:

1) Listen to people’s conversations and notice things that interest them and stories they tell (Move Without Breaking a Sweat: An Insanely Helpful Moving Tip)

2) Read newspapers and stay current on pop events (Cryotherapy: Freezin’ for all the Right Reasons)

3) Look around you while you’re driving and notice new businesses, billboards, roadways, etc. (Roundabouts: The Perfect Solution to Relieve Traffic Congestion)

4) Read lots of books (The Art Forger: A Book Review)

5) Browse magazines, Pinterest and websites that discuss various subjects (2015 Life Goals (Not Resolutions))

6) Get ideas from other people’s blog posts and comments readers leave there (My One Word for 2015 is Actually Two Words)

7) Share your life experiences (Starting a Mother’s Group Transformed my Life)

8) Look at old photos/scrapbooks to rekindle memories (Favorite Childhood Christmas Memories)

9) Recognize things that you know that other people might not know! (The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know)

10) Note handy tips that friends tell you about saving money, household hints, crafts, etc. (Easy Pegboard Earring Holder)

11) Get ideas from photos you’ve taken or that you’ve seen (Stand-up Paddleboarding — the Easy Way)

12) Write about your hobbies or other people’s hobbies (Why I Love Yard Sales)

13) Describe or list products and services that make your life easier (Some of my Favorite Products and Services)

14) Describe DIY projects you or someone else has made (Make a Quick, Cheerful Spring Wreath to Chase Away Winter Blues)

15) Write posts with holiday themes (Beauty of an Eclectic Christmas Tree)

16) Summarize your month, year, life  — from various points of view (2014 Year in Review, Highs and Lows of July)

17) Describe how to solve a problem (Captioned Phones: A Life Saver for Hearing-Impaired Individuals)

18) Discuss a favorite quote and apply it to life (Quote to Remember)

19) Make lists of things you love, things you hate, list just about anything… (Feel-Good Way to Start 2015: List Two Hundred Accomplishments)

20) Pass on good advice (Good Gift-Giving Advice)

21) Describe funny things that happen to you or others (Memories of Holiday Mishaps)

22) Write about embarrassing situations and talk about your mistakes (An Embarrassing Childhood Story)

23) Describe lessons you’ve learned the hard way (Cringe-Worthy Household Mistakes — and Lessons I Learned the Hard Way)

24) Discuss sports or fitness activities you like (Dragon Boating: A Unique and Fun Team Sport)

25) Write about your favorite music, books, art, etc. (Books I’ve Read and Enjoyed in 2014)

26) Note great gift ideas (You Can Make Someone You Love the Best Gift Ever — at No Cost)

27) Describe time-savers (Super Simple: How to Make a Pine Wreath in 45 Minutes)

28) Watch people and discuss what you see (Things NOT to Sell at a Yard Sale)

29) List (and link to) interesting and funny blog posts you’ve read (Favorite Blog Posts #1)

30) Weigh in on a controversial topic (Swearing in Blog Post Doesn’t Make You Look Like a Rebel — It Makes You Look Trashy)

31) Acknowledge and thank people for nice things they’ve done or good advice they’ve given (Nicest Things People have ever Done for Me)

32) Get out and do things! More activities = more content material (Meetup Groups: Great Way to Pursue Hobbies and Meet New People)

33) Be willing to try new things! (See #32 above.) (Polga (Pole Fitness and Yoga) Awesomeness)

34) Describe your travels (Traveling Solo: Why I Love Princess Cruise Lines)

35) Hold a contest (Enter the Contest to Name my New Car)

36) Take a survey (Lingerie Poll)

37) Write about your family – disguising names as needed! (Record your Child’s Holiday Experiences in a Christmas Memories Book)

38) Reveal ways to save money (Easy Ways to Save Money)

39) Create a photo post — nothing but photos and captions

40) Share your blog traffic numbers and major milestones (Blog Stats for Thoughts, Tips and Tales for 2014)

41) Write about regrets you’ve had or things you’ve never regretted

42) Ask a rhetorical question and answer it

43) Share pros and cons of a particular subject

44) Share a list of hacks to make life easier (How to Decorate Your Home with Extremely Low-Cost Framed Prints)

45) Write a series of posts on the same subject (Online Dating Horror Story #4: A Deli Emergency, Bad Boss Story #1: Mr. Charming) and link to previous posts

 Inspiration is everywhere! Please share tips for how you generate blog posts here, too.

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