Celebrating Spring in the South with Green Snow

Celebrating Spring in South Carolina with Green Snow

March 21 is the first official day of spring — and while Northerners are still getting the white stuff, we’re celebrating spring in the South with — green snow!

Every year about this time, a thick layer of green pollen covers the earth for about a week. (It was a surprise when I moved here from the North — who knew?)chair_with_green_snow

Cars, porches and everything else outside gets a coating of green that you can write in!

At the same time, beautiful Bradford pear trees are bursting with white blossoms, forsythia and Japanese tulips bloom, azaleas come out, and the landscape is filled with color.

Guess it’s kind of like the old saying, “If you want the rainbow,  you’ve gotta put  up with the rain” — Blossoming Bradford pear treesparaphrased as, “If you want beautiful flowers, you’ve gotta put up with the pollen…”





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