Highs and Lows of March

Highs and Lows of March 2015

Wow – March (and winter) are finally over. Yay!

Good things

1) Had sinus surgery and it was virtually pain-free.  Amazing! And my wonderful friend J took me to the surgery and helped me afterwards.

2) My son and daughter-in-law and favorite dog came home to visit for a few days.

3) Went to a John Mellencamp concert and it was phenomenal.

4) Spring weather is finally here (most of the time). Enjoyed some gorgeous days.

5) Went to a fun two-hour iPhone photography class — and learned a lot. Finally broke down two months ago and joined the 21st century by tossing the TracFone and buying an iPhone. And now I can take slo-mo movies and do all kinds of cool things with the camera.

6) Got through the dreaded week of “green snow“!

7) My blog has gotten more than 44,000 hits since I started it mid-May last year. Very cool.

Not so good

1) Nothing to mention…

Hope you had a good month!

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