Life Hacks and a Laugh: Three Things I’m Loving Lately – Handy Tank Top Hangers, Suitcase Connector, Fit B****

Life Hacks and a Laugh_Three Things I'm Loving Lately - Handy Tank Top Hangers, Suitcase Connector, FitBit

During the past week or so, three things really struck me.

1) I love my FitBit, but sometimes it can be annoying when you check it out and find you’re not anywhere near your goal.

A guy at my exercise class told me the other night that he calls his device his Fit Bitch — which really made me laugh. He said it’s always nagging him, “Walk more! Drink more water! You didn’t meet your goal!”

Do you have a Fitbit or a Fit Bitch

2) I bought and used these great hangers for tank tops and camisoles — and the tops  actually stay on the hangers (instead of piling on the floor below the hanger in a heap)!

And you can hang a bunch of tops — 8 on a hanger, and you get 2 hangers in a pack —  so it greatly reduces the amount of closet space used.

This is the best product ever!

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What a great idea!

3) I also bought and used an inexpensive suitcase connector device called a Bag Bungee on my recent cruse — and it was so handy!

I tend to overpack (there’s an understatement!), and for a week-long vacation, usually haul a 50 lb. huge rolling suitcase, as well as a packed carry on with rollers and the biggest tote I can find (stuffed with my purse and a lot of reading materials, snacks, etc.) Always feel like an exhausted pack horse by the time I get to my destination… and it’s pretty difficult to pull two rolling suitcases behind you simultaneously, while balancing a big tote on your shoulder, before and after checking in the big suitcase.

This device made it a lot easier, since you connect the big and small pieces of luggage. The picture on the package shows a smaller bag atop the larger bag, but since my carry on was so full, I wanted the small piece to roll behind the larger piece. Hooked them together with the device, and it was like only pulling one large, rolling suitcase.

bag bungee

After you check in the big bag, you can slip the device in your purse or carry on luggage until you need it again after the flight.

For less than $12, it was definitely money well spent. The only problem I had was that the elastic bungee-cord-like piece that connected the luggage was too long (because the second bag was intended to sit atop the first bag), and my second piece wasn’t tight up against the first piece.  To fix it, I simply wrapped the elastic band twice around the handle of the larger bag to shorten the distance between the two pieces, and it worked like a charm.

What have you been loving lately?

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