Public Restrooms: Way Too Many Ways to “Go” and Wash your Hands Afterwards

Public restrooms: 14 Ways to “Go” and Wash Your Hands AfterwardsWow – public restroom facilities have changed over the past ten years!

Back in the day, you went to the bathroom, pushed down the handle on a do-it-yourself flush toilet when you finished and pumped soap from a dispenser built into the sink unit. Then you turned on a faucet by the handles, washed your hands and moved on to a paper towel dispenser, where you pulled out a folder paper towel.

Not any more! In the quest for improved sanitation and efficiency, seems like there are a zillion choices for (1) flushing toilets (2) dispensing soap (3) turning on a water faucet and (4) drying your hands. And very few public restrooms have the same configuration.

I photographed 14 different ways to “go” and wash your hands afterwards in local public restrooms. Found three types of toilet flushers, three kinds of soap dispensers, two types of sink faucets, seven ways to dry your hands, and one type of t.p. dispenser.

Tried to figure mathematically how many combinations and permutations there could potentially be — and it made my head spin.

I’m always looking for the handle on a “wave-your-hands” water faucet, waving my hands in front of a crank towel dispenser or waiting for the toilet to flush itself when it’s a “do-it-yourself” or push-button flusher.

Is anyone else as confused as I am?

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