2015 Life Goals (Not Resolutions)

2015 Life Goals (Not Resolutions)

Read a thought-provoking editorial in the Jan. 1 issue of Bottom Line Personal magazine (which I love because it has such great tips). The author, Karen Larson, suggests doing away with the term “bucket list” (because it’s too death-evoking) and using what Chris Guillebeau, author of The Happiness of Pursuit, calls a “life list” instead. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Guillebeau advocates creating life-list entries in categories, since a varied list encourages you to stretch.

I’m adapting these ideas to the short term in documenting my 2015 aspirations (Finally! It’s Jan. 9!) by calling them my 2015 Life Goals instead of resolutions. Who knows — maybe that simple change will help me amp up follow-through?!

Created one or two goals in each of the following categories:

  • Professional
  • Altruistic
  • Adventurous
  • Personal
  • Quirky
  • Financial
  • Educational

…And I’m ready to roll!

Won’t reveal all my goals (so people can’t taunt me later for not achieving them!) but here are a few:


Technical/Professional (Writing/Publishing)

  • Make reservations and go to the annual BlogHer conference in NYC in July. Meet some of the nice women in person whose blogs I love to read!
  • Learn to use a smart phone
  • Increase growth of my blog


  • Learn more about blogging at the BlogHer conference and through reading and research
  • Explore ways to earn money through blogging and implement one or more of them


  • Plan and go on at least one fun, long vacation (it’s always great to have something to look forward to!) Maybe another Princess cruise?


  • Put more effort into finding someone nice to date (Mr. Right isn’t going to come knocking at my door, apparently…) And online dating horror stories provide plenty of material for my blog.


  • Find new athletic and recreational activities to try (and write about)
  • Do yoga on a regular basis and add more daily stretching to my fitness routine


  • Do something to help single moms in need


  • Take dance lessons?
  • Go line dancing at a bar?

So what are your “2015 life goals”? Would love to see some of your ideas to add them to my list.

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