The Alchemist: A Book Review


The Alchemist: A Book ReviewMy book club¬†picked The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho for this month’s discussion because several people had seen articles saying that it was a book everyone should read.

I’d never heard of it before — and neither did most of the other members.

After reading it, all I can say is: two thumbs down. Mercifully, it was a fairly fast read.

It was a philosophical book about life, but I didn’t “get it” at all. (Am definitely not “deep”!)

To me, it was just a mildly interesting fairy-tale-like story about a Spanish boy named Santiago who becomes a shepherd, then sells his sheep and takes off through the Mideast to find his Personal Legend (what the heck?).

One of the reviews I read suggested the author ripped off my favorite movie, The Jerk, since Santiago was seeking his “special purpose” — and I had to laugh at that!

Good stuff: I read a book that “everyone¬† should read” and learned a new word reading it: alchemist (which is someone who supposedly can turn lead into gold). And it was a tiny bit interesting to read about life in the desert. But that’s all the praise I can give.

The author states in the introduction that he’s surprised about the notoriety his book has received, and so am I.

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