Are Bloggers Narcissists?

Are Bloggers Narcissists

My biggest fan (my mom) has tried to get several of her friends to read my blog over the past two years.

She says they all say something like, “I don’t want to read about what someone had for lunch.”

They think people with blogs are self-absorbed egotists who write about minutiae like what color nail polish they’re wearing.

And that was pretty much what I thought about bloggers, too, until I starting reading a whole lot of other people’s blogs — and become a blogger myself.

Are bloggers narcissists?

Sure, there may be a few who fill their blog with selfies and shallow verbiage — but I believe most bloggers are creative, self-confident individuals with unique thoughts and experiences, and interesting information and perspectives that they want to share with others. To help mankind and make the world a better place.

OK, even if their goals aren’t that lofty, bloggers are passionate people who are willing to invest time in putting the thoughts swirling around their heads into coherent sentences. And they go to the trouble to take great photos and create illustrations to enhance their words and get their point across.

They’re individuals dedicated to stepping outside their comfort zone to tell the world their stories. And that takes a lot of courage!

Bloggers are risk-takers who are willing to say what they have to say — even if nobody reads it — or some mean person makes hurtful comments about it (which, unfortunately, does happen).

All I can say to my esteemed fellow bloggers is, “Thanks for what you do. Way to go! Blog on!”

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