Decluttering Continued: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

Decluttering Continue: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

For years, I’ve been a fan of large outdoor flags that festoon the house and wave gaily from a pole on the front porch. But I needed an inexpensive way to organize the outdoor flags.

When you buy flags for every season or holiday, they serve as giant exterior decorations.

You can also use them to display a sentiment: Happy Birthday! Welcome! Happy New Year!

And hanging flags is a great way to explain to people where you live — in the house with the Welcome flag on the porch.

If you’re lucky, you can score flags at your local thrift store for a couple dollars each instead of the $20+ retail price. (Most of my collection cost less than $3 each.)

Despite all these pluses, large porch flags are extremely hard to organize and store neatly and inexpensively.

Decluttering Continue: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

Hate to admit this, but for years, I folded them and threw them in a pile in the hall closet.

Decluttering Continue: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

Am very thrifty, but I finally broke down and bought a plastic flag bag holder years ago, which held about 10 flags. But that only worked for a while; the plastic ripped and the supply got too large for the holder.

Then, I grouped them by season and bundled them with rubber bands with sheets of paper as labels (Christmas, Spring, Fall, etc.), then threw them back on the floor in the hall closet…

How do people organize and store porch flags neatly and inexpensively?

Searched the web for other solutions, but they were all way too costly. Then one day, I Googled the right thing and finally found the answer!

Here it is: Simply buy some inexpensive hangers for multiple pairs of pants (with rods that swing in and out for each pair) at a thrift store or yard sale. (I scored five multi-pants hangers for $3 each on a lucky Saturday.)

Decluttering Continue: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

Fold each flag several times til it’s the width of the hanger arm, and hang it neatly over a rod. Continue to fill all the arms with flags.

You can even fold two or three flags (same season, same theme) and hang them over a single rod.

It’s the perfect low-cost solution!

Decluttering Continue: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

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