29 Unique and Interesting Library Activities: Way More than Books

29 Unique and Interesting Library Activities: It's Not Just for Borrowing Books Anymore

Libraries have really evolved! They’re no longer austere public buildings filled with rows upon rows of books and librarians who whisper “Shhh!” Today’s libraries are community centers that offer unique and interesting programs and services for every member of the family. Here’s a list of some of the fun and interesting library activities offered at no charge to patrons in Charleston, S.C.  (marked with an asterisk) and a sampling of activities available in other libraries around the country, too.

Check out your local library today to see which of the following programs are at your fingertips:

  1. *Borrow tickets for museum admission (costing you and your family nothing)
  2. *Borrow a telescope
  3. Borrow a drone
  4. Sign out a GoPro camera
  5. Participate in seed exchanges
  6. *Take yoga classes
  7. *Use “ask a librarian” services to find answers to questions  – via phone and text message
  8. **Participate in book clubs (I’m a member of my library’s Read Anything club where members discuss books they’ve read recently; it’s a great place to chat with people who are passionate about reading and get ideas for your next book!)
  9. Attend a Lego club
  10. *Borrow DVDs and audio books (for adults and children)
  11. Take part in an adult coloring club
  12. *Craft with other patrons
  13. Learn crafts (see “how to make a paper lantern” class photo, photos of Halloween decorations made from library books — below)
  14. *Listen to guest speakers
  15. *Attend a variety of unique events (like the Tiny Tim birthday party, art shows, magic shows and more)
  16. *Buy books inexpensively at book sales
  17. *Borrow music CDs
  18. *Use a recording studio (great for local musicians — coming soon at the new library being built near my house)
  19. Take children to STEM programs promoting science and technology
  20. *Take computer lessons (Microsoft office, email, etc.)
  21. *Learn how to download books to a Kindle or other electronic device
  22. *Get technology tutoring
  23. *Download music
  24. *Access books and magazines online
  25. *Use computers and Internet
  26. Check out musical instruments
  27. Borrow Santa suits
  28. *Take children to story time
  29. *Take children to teen activity events

If you find something you like that your library doesn’t offer — contact the manager and suggest it! The sky’s the limit — and it never hurts to ask.

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4 Responses to 29 Unique and Interesting Library Activities: Way More than Books

  1. Carolann says:

    wow, I had no idea the library offered so many services. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elisa says:

    That museum admission is a cool benefit. I’ll bet it benefits the museum, too, because if people enjoy it, they may pay to return.

    • blogqueendiane says:

      I was surprised when I read about some of these things, too! Thanks for stopping by.

    • blogqueendiane says:

      Good point! I also belong to a read-anything book club at the library which is great, because it gives you a chance to talk to people who love to read as much as you do. We all walk out with a list of new books to read.

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