Bloggers: Use Your Power for Good

powerWasn’t it Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz who said, “Dorothy, use your power for good, not evil?”

Blogs have power, and they’re the ideal place to inspire readers and lift them up.

Blogs give you an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for family and friends, and to publicly acknowledge the nice things people have done for you – to let them know you remember their thoughtfulness and to thank them for what they did. (When I had the opportunity to write a blog post on the nicest things people have ever done for me, I felt compelled to write to the recipients of my gratitude before they saw the post and assure them that I didn’t have a terminal illness, since I’m not normally the “mushy” type and I felt sure they’d immediately think I was on my death bed when they read what I wrote….)

Blogs can also be used to motivate others to do good things or improve their health, share tips to make life easier, relate happy memories from the past and pay tribute to various people who helped shape your life and make it richer. You can recognize and salute teachers who influenced you, babysitters who saved your sanity, neighbors who were there when you needed them, and bosses and coworkers who encouraged and helped you.

Blog posts should, in my mind, be kind-hearted  (instead of mean-spirited) and build people up as much as possible.  (OK, I know my Internet dating horror stories are kind of snarky, but believe me, they could’ve been worse — and I did try to be kind!)

If more bloggers would take the opportunity we’ve been given and use it to spread positive thoughts and express gratitude, wouldn’t the (blogging) world be a better place?

Love, Pollyanna

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