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Amazon Echo Look: The Follow-Up to Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot

If you own and use an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Dot like I do, you’re probably pretty impressed with the things Alexa can do. And now Amazon is introducing a follow-up product that sounds intriguing.

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The Know-It-All: A Book Review

The Know-It-All was so good! It’s the quirky-but-true story of A.J. Jacobs,  a 35ish New York City magazine editor who undertakes a one-year odyssey to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica so he can become the “smartest person in the world.”

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I Am the Woman I Am Today Because My Mother…

Always made me return the shopping cart to the store. She said only lazy people left them in the parking lot (horrors).

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Cat Lovers Unite: Funny Cat Sayings

Saw this on a plaque recently and thought it was very funny — in a dark way… And this message on a greeting card was good, too.

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How to Find the Perfect One Word for 2017

Picking a guiding focus word (one word or one little word) for the year is pretty popular right now — and it’s a great way to hone in on a particular personal goal. To get ideas for your “one word” … Continue reading

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What Clothes are Totally “You”? Here’s My Current Fave

In the latest issue of “O” magazine, the editors asked readers to write and describe the clothing item that’s totally “you” — which got me thinking, because it’s an intriguing question… I’ve always loved clothes, and have had a lot … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Life of a Corporate Blogger

I’m definitely into blogging, which is a good thing because I’m a writer who works in public relations and manages the communications blog for a large, international company during the day (a corporate blogger) – and am also a lifestyle … Continue reading

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The First Thing to Replace After Divorce, Separation or Breakup

The days and weeks after a divorce, separation or breakup with a long-time lover can be filled with sadness.

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Hurricane #2 — Living 4 Miles Inland for a Category 1 Hurricane vs. Living on a Barrier Island for a Category 4 Hurricane

During my 30 years living in Charleston, South Carolina (ranked the #1 travel destination in the world!), I evacuated for a hurricane that made landfall 20 miles up the coast from my house twice. Though both occurrences were nerve-wracking, the … Continue reading

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Lovin’ October: 6 Reasons Why October is the Best Month

If I had to pick a favorite month, it would be October.

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