Truth is Stranger than Fiction (People Do the Weirdest Things!)

Truth is Stranger than Fiction (People Do the Weirdest Things!)

One of my joys in life is reading and hearing true stories about strange things people do. These aren’t the everyday accounts about people who makes the news for winning a flapjack-eating contest or committing a minor crime. I love the truly wacky stories … the weirder the better… the kinds of tales that make you ask, “What were they thinking?!”

Examples are: the naked man who got stuck in a washing machine, the 12-week-old puppy that drove its owner’s car into a pond, the thief that entered a house through the doggie door, etc.

My interest is drawn to these types of stories in part because they make great conversation starters with friends and interesting party chit chat.  And they’re endlessly fun to mull over in your spare moments, because you have to ask yourself, “How could someone do that? WHY would someone do that? Who would do that?”

One of my favorite sources for weird stories is the Bob and Tom radio show. Kristi Lee, the news woman, recounts weird true-life events from news reports they get – and she and Bob and Tom ask the same questions I ask in the paragraph above, while hypothesizing about the details of the event and how it could’ve taken place. Since I listen to their show while getting ready for work every day, I’m often laughing out loud before 7 a.m.

Another good source is Bizarre News, a GopherCentral product. You can subscribe to a free weekly newsletter that they promote with the motto “Scanning the globe for the weird, strange and stupid.” (Subscribe at

Readers can even submit stories from their local newspapers for inclusion in Bizarre News. (The one I was tempted to send in was the local story a few years back about the former mayor who had a pot-bellied pig as a pet, and gave it mouth-to-snout resuscitation on the way to the vet after it got sick.)

I’ve done Internet dating on and off (between long-term boyfriends) for 15 years or so (that’s a whole different blog post!), so bad date stories always amaze and amuse me. The book “Dates from Hell” was wonderful — and I plan to write a similar book some day.

Maybe I’m weird, too, but zany news stories just crack me up … as long as they’re not about me!

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  2. I always use the expression, “you can’t make this stuff up” . . . just saying, Claudia

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